Photography | The Dragon Scale Fern

When walking to coffee farm, I found a kind of fern attached on the trunk of a tree. I was interested to shot the plant. The plant is like dragon scale, with a kind of moss was also grow with them on the trunk. When taking the photos I have no idea about the name of the flora. However, I am searching for its Latin name is Pyrrosia piloselloides.

Pyrrosia piloselloides is an epiphytic creeping fern with round, fleshy leaves. In the wild it’s known to completely blanket trees in overlapping leaves, giving them an armoured appearance like dragon scales.Source

I shot them using smartphone. I took them as close as possible. We could see the fleshy leaves clearly. It’s really amazing flora in nature. I love nature photography, including landscape, plants, and animals.




CameraIphone 12 Pro Max
CategoryPlant Photography

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