Morning sunrise 03/07/2019

in photography •  18 days ago

Well its been a little while since I posted on steemit. Today on the way to work the sky looked like it was on fire, the sun was working its magic.


Did not even get off My street before I found myself pulling the truck over and snapping a few shots.


Then once I got to work the intensity was fading away, the sun was just about to show itself.


It doesn't matter where you live, the sun will always put on a show for you atleast twice a day and the tickets to the show cost you nothing. Are you taking advantage of the free show?

I will try to get back to doing a morning or evening sun shots and share with everyone.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Nice view Ray. We got some sun this morning too...
I'm going to need TWO pair of sunglasses and freaking snowshoes to go anywhere though! 🤨😎🤪🤪


You sure will!!! WOW!!!


Scratch that, it's snowing now! 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

It sure has been. Hope everything is ok with you and your family. Yoir case should be done shortly, sorry for the wait.


No rush dude, cant wait to see it!! 😎👍

As always buddy, it's nice to see such a beautiful sky.

Hope your day is as glorious as the sun rise


Thanks Welsh!!!😎👍

Nice view photo. It looks like sunrise time if i am right. and also glad to see you post again on steemit after this while


You are welcome