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in #photography4 years ago (edited)


While exploring a local park I discovered a unique stone bench.


It didn't look very special from a distance.


However, when I drew closer I found a captivating scene etched into the surface.


It was an amazing ocean landscape including a lighthouse and cottage.


The texture of the carving along with the colors and feel of the moss growing on it created a wonderful mood.


I could stay here for a while.


Always take a closer look.

All pictures taken by @rawruss with a Nikon D3400 w/ 70-300mm lens in September 2018 in North Florida.


Beauty in small things. I love it! You might want to change one of your tags to 'art'.

Thanks! I didn't realize you could change the tags via edit... done!

You're welcome. Apparently we can change all but the first tag. For 7 days, you can find the post under any of the tags and then it's only under the first one.

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