'Rapai' Inheritance Fiqh Theologian of Persian

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'Rapai' Inheritance Fiqh Theologian of Persian

'Rapai' is not just a musical instrument that can be enjoyed at the show only, But reach it also contained the values of tradition, culture, moral message, compactness and beauty value for anyone who heard the boom and enjoy it.

The performance of the art of 'Rapai' is still preserved to this day, proof that the people located on the northern tip of Sumatra's westernmost island of Indonesia sought to preserve the art of reaching, even though it had disappeared during the time of Aceh's prolonged conflict, but now the roar of rapai began to re-hear the solitude of the night Aceh.

Craftsmen make hardwood when assembling "Rapai" Aceh

ModelCanon EOS 7D
LensEF-S10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM
Focal Length10.0 mm
ISO Speed500
LocationLhoksemawe cty, Aceh, Indonesia
TakenBy @rahmadantara

There are several types of 'rapai' such as 'Rapai' pase, rapai debus, reach geurimpheng, reach the pulot, reach small children and reach the story all of which are traditional percussion instruments played by beating with the palm of the hand, without using the tool accompanied by poetry lyunan poetry
'Rapai' Aceh made especially from the shoulders of large logs that have been hundreds of years old, no wonder crafters currently very lack of raw materials and can only be obtained in the wilderness. Wood to make rapai first soaked for more durable wood facilitate the engraving according to the desired type of rapai.

Craftsmen color the frame "Rapai" after the engraving process

Junaidi (35), one of the artisans of traditional music instrument of type reach in Gampong Blang Weu Panjo, Blang Mangat sub-district, Lhokseumawe which continue the work of his parents to make the recognition, so far the difficulty of raw materials so that their business is increased. hatching production is hampered.

Craftsmen make hardwood when assembling "Rapai" Aceh

It took five to seven days to make one strait plus almost all the stages were done in the traditional way with makeshift tools," Junaidi said. He added that small and medium sized reaches are made of membranes or membram from adult goat skin while for large sizes made from cow leather is first processed by way of drying and then tightened with rattan to produce high sounds plus metal plates on the edge of the ramp to produce a tinkling sound to be heard 10 to 15 kilometers from where the drum is played.

Craftsmen put rattan on "Rapai" frame after engraving process

Not only in the performance of the performance of the uroh or debus, according to him, rapai is also used in traditional ceremonies, such as marriage ceremonies, musical instruments to accompany traditional dances with instruments of wind instruments resembling a flute called Seurene Kale which continues to be hereditary in Aceh society. This music instrument in recorded history comes from the great scholars of fiqh of Persia Baghdad from 1077 to 1166 AD or 470-560 Hijri who gave birth to several types of rapai such as

Craftsmen tie rattan to pair on "Rapai" frame after engraving process

'Rapai Daboeh' (debus) is a riba that shows the action of dexterity and the supernatural power of a person is immune from the touch of sharp objects and the most extreme action is played by an invulnerable immune or those who are experts makrifat iron.

The craftsman cleans the fleece for pairing on the "Rapai" frame after the engraving process

Reach Gerimpheng played while sitting, begins greeting as he reached forward and shake his body to the left and right simultaneously while hitting 'Rapai' and singing a poem or familiar called ratoeh
'Rapai' Pulot also begins greeting and continued with acrobatic skill in forming a continuous circle accompanied by at least 30 people hit bat. Reach Children, which is small size that serves to hold a louder voice.

And 'Rapai' Acts, want to want something that is headed by an expert or known syech along with dozens of drummers simultaneously singing poems that tells the story according to the celebration that since hundreds of years into the Acehnese art heritage. @Rahmadantara.

All This Photo Taken With DSLR Canon 7D Camera

Best Regards @rahmadantara



you show your true identity, and inform the world that you have quality. I think this is a very good start here, and I always admire all the works you've published in some of the world's leading media (photojournalists). I will wait for the great works that you will show next @rahmadantara

I have caught something extraordinary while you work
do not laugh to see it, because this photo is very long time ago

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Langsông dichoh le eungkôt yee. That gawat meunyoe ka geukeumawe guree...hahaha

I'm sure even the original aceh people do not know about this, it's a very good article. Thank you for sharing @rahmadantara. (I really like the last photo, the angle is amazing) 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Thank you very much @syifauna

Omen, teukeujot2 takalon, 3 go treuk tembus $100 , level langsung 60, selamat beh...

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Cool, this article provides me a new insight, well done.

Now this is the real art of the world!!!
Amazing post!!!

I really like your post.
Did you use any filter on your lens?
Because the screen is so clear and sharp!

Not using lens filters, just regular lenses, thanks @hamidkesfahani

Interesting picture from interesting person, welcome on board my teacher on photography!

Beautiful photography, you really tell the story through your pictures. That looks like an exciting dance / performance with the knifes at the end! Loved the pictures of the craftsmen working on the drums. This is great.

Much love - Carl

Rapai unreplaceable music tool,,,,Aceh's traditional musician such as Rafly is best player on it...

That's right, Thanks @zenk05

a great post, hopefully you can also upvotes my post as well. thanks

Semangat bang , menerus kan adat aceh

Sama sama bang ,ureung aceh bang nyeh

a very interesting post about Aceh culture. Welcome @rahmadantara with steemians.👍👍👍

Now some people more like modern music tools than rapai

good, reminds us of our history past

Amazing history for aceh

Wow keren, mesin apa itu

Superb! I love the crispness and quality of all the shots. Plus the story behind made them more outstanding!

you are very much welcome!

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cool postingannya .. great posting can only be born by a great person

Mantap sekali, kebetulan penelitian skripsi saya di produksi rapai keuneubah nanggroe, nanti insya Allah saya post juga.

You're welcome. Postingan tentang rapai sudah ada d blog saya.

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Aceh to World

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great work.i like the colour of the wood.

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The Rapa'i is best art from Acehnes and coupled with debus would have been nice ...

@rahmadantara Excellent post and also supported by amazing images
Good luck

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Perkenalkan saya @muharizalhasan. Pendatang baru di steemit. Senang membaca tulisan anda tentang rapai. Tolong kunjungi posting saya juga, agar saya lebih bersemangat.

aceh memang dikenal dengan budaya, adat dan seni, tak bisa di pungkiri sampai sekarang memang sebagian besar masyarakat aceh masih melestarikan seni budaya yang satu ini, bahkan beberapa waktu yang lalu saya juga pernah mencoba seni rapai daboh, namun bukanlah dalam tahap serius melaikan ingin mencoba bagaimana rasanya saat memukul alat musik tersebut.

Hebat...Teruslah mencoba sampai menemui klimax nya...Terimakasih kawan.

Sama" brader..

This is very interesting post. An additional knowledge for everyone about other countries traditions and what treasure they have. I'm sure everyone are very proud of what they have specially those things that they really treasure and got from their ancestors. Thank you for sharing us what you got, guys. More power!

Thank you very much @

Mantap... saya sangat suka dengan postingnya

Konten yang menarik,,

Rapai lambang budata aceh yang ter masyhur dari dulu sampai sekarang. Mari kita lestarikan Budaya kita

Well with what I've heard here the instrument ain't bad at all
That which preserves the values and morales of society

Thank you very much @emlimig

Rapa'i sebuah kesenian khas aceh yang sarat makna dan tidak boleh dipisahkan dengan sejarah islam nusantara

Good posting I like that

Thank you very much @barindo

Kesenian aceh yang tak terlupakan, rapa'i daboh merupakan sebuah kesenian dari nenek moyang kita yang sudah sangat jarang kita jumpai, mungkin bagi sebagian daerah sudah sangat sering menyaksikannya, tapi ada juga sebagian daerah hampir sudah tidak mengenalnya lagi.

Benar kawan, Mari terus kita kampanyekan Rapai, untuk membantu kelestariannya, Terimakasih @tentong

Uniquely interesting. Thanks.

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@rahmadantara this article is inspiring. Very interesting to see the procedure of how the drums are made. Loved all the pictures.

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let's preserve the culture of reaching in aceh culture that is almost extinct .. so that the generation can continue the art of reaching

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Bereh that postingan, jadi lebih tau kalau daerah sana ada pembuatan baloh rapai. @rahmadantara

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