Indonesian Traditional Fishermen

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The vast area of the Indonesian ocean with various types of fish plus other natural resources is not directly proportional to the lives of traditional fishermen, most of whom still live below the poverty line.

Many factors cause traditional fishermen to not move away from poverty, whereas if we want to go back a bit, most cities come from the openness of the Coastal community and from there new values from the outside world are needed then mixed with the values previously asked by the Coastal community, so that Producing new value acculturation results.

Socially, traditional fishermen can be categorized into four groups, namely, fishermen who have a large enough capital by motorboat, fishermen who work in boat owners or who are known as ship laborers.

The next group is the owners of capital, these groups are more likely to have access to the sale of fish out of the fishing villages and usually they also borrow money if the fishermen now go to sea and need money. The last group are traders of equipment and the need to go to sea.

There are also groups of fishermen who have boats in groups, but there are many meetings. Most people in the fishing village do not own a boat and only contribute labor for fishermen who own a boat.

Obeying customary rules is a must, in Aceh for example, this is done to ensure the catch of fish they have done for generations.

Sea customary rules led by the Panglima Laut] have been enforced since Aceh formed a kingdom. Panglima Laot will cancel the fish voyage in a non-destructive way and determine the days that cannot be sailed at sea.

Panglima Laot not only supports customary law and keeps the standard of living of fishermen, but also ensures it does not pollute the sea, does not damage coral reefs and mangrove forests to save the preservation of the sea.



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