BW Scavengers

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So agile and agile to sort waste in the Alue Lim Final Disposal Site (TPA), Cot Girek, Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia.

Hands clasping at iron rods and shells, a used rubbish bottle to fill the shells they carry.

The majority of women run their profession as scavengers, they do not pay attention to the pungent aroma and the number of flies in the rubbish mounds in the landfill.

Occasionally a woman spent middle-aged wiping the sweat on her forehead with her hands. The weather is so hot during the day.

The heat of the sun in Wairi stung the old bodies of most of the women there, regardless of the weather they were endlessly working.

One of them tells the story of coming out of a scavenger that has been going on for 29 years, while gulping down air filled in mini bottles that he had prepared when leaving home,

He is grateful for the work he is doing now because he can meet the budgetary needs, and can finance schools that are still in elementary school.

"Not bad, we took a lot of used goods at this TPA.

Every day the trash increases. I am grateful, it can help the family economy, "said the woman who is known to be friendly with a smile.

According to the woman, on average, each month the average that can be obtained from the scavenging results is around Rp. 500 thousand. Sometimes it is not appropriate, depending on the garbage in the landfill.

"We choose used items every day. Then we sort out the types of rubbish, such as plastic, aluminum, iron, cardboard and others.

Then we collect this plastic waste into sacks collected up to one month, I sell these used goods, to buyers who come to this landfill, discussed by the family need money, I sell these used items.


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