Moar Photos from Austin SnowstormsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #photography11 months ago

Here are some more amazing photos.

A cactus blanketed in snow

Icicles closeup

Focal point creativity

Solid sheets of ice...IN TEXAS!

Moar desert plants blanketed in snow.

Snow embanked creek


wow! a snowstorm in texas. i´m living in iceland and tought i´d get the "snow" niche, hehe.

your photos are verry well shot, your frames are verry good. and i like the comppsition in the works. (from an artsy perspective)

keep on posting,, i will be following and watching for your work,


Thanks. Normally, I shoot with an Sony Alpha 7IIIs because I also shoot a lot of action and sports, but these were shot with iphone. Believe me, shooting in freezing weather is a lot easier on the alpha than the phone. LOL

hehe, i can see how that could be true. i hope the weather improves for you guys, i kynda have a feeling it might do so around the summer.

have a great day!


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