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Good Saturday morning or evening, depending on your location on this great planet Earth. As I indicated in yesterday's post I would do another post as I usually do on Saturday. I am going back to photographs from my trip to Manito Park in Spokane, Washington. We still plan on going back sometime in July, because there were so many flowers that were just planted when we were there last week. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I did.

I still have more photographs from the Japanese Gardens, and would like to start with those and flow into more flowers. This waterfall was toward the back of the garden. It was from there that I took photographs of the bridge in last weeks post. It was very refreshing being near the water and listening to the sound the water made as it flowed.


When visiting the Rose Garden there were so many varieties to choose from. The colors were a awesome mixture and the scents were fantastic. Here are two more for your enjoyment:



These next couple of Macro photos were just wonderful to experience. The flowers were beautiful to see, but then when use a macro-lens it just seems to pull the experience together. I did not write down the names which would have been difficult to keep track of anyway.



I did not mention last week but they also had a greenhouse with many different species of flowers and other plants. I know this first one was from the greenhouse, and I believe the second one was as well.



This next one is from a flowering shrub. The color was fantastic so I got as close of a shot with my macro-lens to really bring out the pink.


Next up is a pure white Peony. The ones I grow have a pink blush which is beautiful in its own right, but I spotted this one as we were getting ready to leave the park, and had to get this photo.


I spotted this white Iris and was surprised to see it is a Siberian Iris. I was in awe at it's beauty. I grow purple ones (which I have used in past posts) and never knew they come in this color. I am going to have to locate some tubers, because they would look wonderful mixed in with mine.


Last week I began my post with the bridge in the Japanese Gardens, and thought it would be nice to close out this post with a different point of view of the same bridge. So let us cross over the bridge as we leave the gardens today...


I trust you enjoyed our journey today. I am often asked why I do long posts instead of shorter more frequent posts. I feel it gives you a flow of what I experience when I am out taking photographs. I may add a mixture of photos like in yesterday's post, but it is still a flow in my mind that I share with you.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs

Upvotes and resteem are always welcome. In the event anyone wants to use one of my photos please ask and give me credit...I did see recently where someone did use one of my photos and a bot called them on it.



some amazing beautifull photoraphy..
some great click by @r2cornell
thanks for sharing dear

Thank you

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Amazing and nature..

Beautiful and fascinating photography sir @r2cornell.

nice picture...we are love this

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welcome...I trying visit your blog...I like your post

Brilliant photography of wonderful nature. A true nature lover can be seen with this photography

very nice flower photography sir. I love it so much. upvote and resteem done.

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My favorite flower is red and you have jist awesome collectionoof flowers. just like it sir. keep sharing.

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed.

you are most welcome sir

Wow amazing macro photography.📷

Sir @r2cornell Nameste, I most like your macro shots. Thanks for sharing amazing photographs. I'm fond of macro photography.

Sir I've also posted my post in #macrophotography see my macro photography as below:

Thank you very much. I am happy you enjoyed my post

Most welcome. Sir, I hope you you'll continue to sharing beautiful photography.

I love flowers because flowers represent the natural beauty of the world xcellent photography @r2cornell sir. Each & every photographs says that you have enjoying so much on that trip. keep rocking always sir.

Thank you very much.

very nice photogrqphy

Woww. awesome photos my friend. great photography. I have also posted the latest update for the project you liked please check it out. Thanks for your donation. The project is going on brilliantly with your help. More help is much awaited.

I think all love and romantic scene make natural, the flower is a love sign, the rose is the king of all flower, you're all flower photography excellent, I like your thinking,

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Thank you. Beautiful photos

have a safe journey my friend & the pics of flowers is awesome . I love flowers because flowers represent the natural beauty of the world

Hi brother
have a safe journey my friend & the pics of flowers is awesome . I love flowers because flowers represent the natural beauty of the world thank for sharing @r2cornell

nice you post

wow. water fall in Japanese garden is amazing. Rose garden consists of beautiful rose. Pink is my favorite rose. I seen it first time. Once again very nice photography. Hopefully you had a great time with your wife and daughter. Thanks for sharing @r2cornell keep sharing

Thank you. We had a great time

very beautiful and fascinating, all gazed at you @r2cornell, I like that

hi ssir @r2cornell i really like to see the waterfalls you share and i do reblog on your post sorry sir i was a little late to see her

hello sir..your photography is very good. I like your photos. what camera u used..?

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@r2cornell - Sir it's a beautiful collection of photography... You have a born talent to capture such beautiful photography Sir... <3


Thank you very much

I am amazed with all the flowers you share ,, everything looks very beautiful ,, I am curious with the name of this one flower ,, he is very rare, in fact he does not live in my place


I do not recall the name. It was the first time i had seen this one. Very unique

Ini sangat menarik untuk dijadikan sebagai objek pemotretan dan fotografi yang sangat indah tuan.
Air terjun dan bunga-bunga yang bermekaran dan memiliki keindahan tersendiri.

Good morning @r2cornell sir,

Fotografi yang sangat indah tuan...
Saya melihat air terjun dengan bunga-bunga yang sangat indah...
Ini benar-benar menakjubkan tuan.
Saya sangat menyukai dan menikmati fotografi ini.

Wow! Mesmerising photography of yours. 😍😍 So beautiful and interesting. Amazing waterfall picture. What an awesome pictures. I love rose. The beauty of nature is priceless but precious.


Thanks for sharing this post @r2cornell sir.

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you very much

Beautiful works of art. Your photography is very good.

Beautiful. I love your flower photography.
The waterfall looks amazing too.

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed my photos

Wow wonderful photography and i love it

Thank you very much

You had an amazing journey sir,thanks a lot for sharing your story.

I love flowers because flowers represent the natural beauty of the world xcellent photography @r2cornell sir. Each & every photographs says that you have enjoying so much on that trip. keep rocking always sir.

Thank you very much!

beautiful pictures and your journey is really good!!!!

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you are always welcome sir.. Please give us some tips about your photographic journey... and any good scenery pictures you got from Manito Park in Spokane, Washington ?

and also i will share you some flower pictures from our garden .

Wow! What amazingly beautiful photos! Put simply great work, also I like the vibe of your page and all the great information about your photographs. Thanks for sharing that beautiful garden with us!

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You are really so great photographe and flowers.

Your color combination most impressive @r2cornell.
I prefer to see and interesting to read your blog twice.
Gorgeous captures provided.

I hope you enjoying a lot on this trip & so many colors of flower ,its awesome ,I want to visit these type of gardens but unfortunately in my city I don't have any type of garden

It is quite the experience

hey man @r2cornell great to see another blog is colorful
feel it.
some awesome photography just love it sir.....


Lovely picture of water fall. excellent photography @r2cornell sir. Each & every photographs says that you have enjoying so much on that trip. keep rocking always sir.

Thank you very much!

I have a couple of plants too, but could never photograph them this beautifully. Well done @r2cornell :)

thank you very much. And thank you for visiting my blog

I love flower photography.

@r2cornell sir It looks very good to see pictures of flowers.IMG_2497-a.jpg

Thank you for sharing with us.

Really awesome. Just beautiful.

Wow so amazing photography..i love flower

Fantastic photography .lovely flowers.

What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing these. I would love to go on vacation to different gardens...some day in the future. I will be following to enjoy your trips.

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Excellent camera shots and great photography
100% like and resteem

@r2cornell sir, I am very happy to read this post, without a doubt you are a very creative person, I follow your work since, I always cause pleasure to visit your blog.

congratulations for all your achievements and continue your success.

The scene of water flowing is beautiful and Different types of flowers are very beautiful.

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My favourite things is flower
You share my favourite things. Thank you dear @r2cornell

Very nice flower photography post Sir... upvote done sir...

Whhot...Roses like to grow every persons. Roses has incredible looks for attract any peoples. Also your photography attract every steemians.

great photos you took my friend. regards

As always nice photography sir. @r2cornell

The garden is very beautiful and enjoyed to see the variety of flowers.

Wow! i love these all photographs dear friend. so beautiful flower photographs. especially the first one the water was looking very good i wish that sound was also so good!

Nothing to say. In a single word just awesome. The beauty is really awesome. It has the power to touch the mind. You deserve a thanks.

Super Post!!!upvoted

It's professional photography sir , water fall, flowers and bridge all are best captures . Namaste

Thank you very much.

Kecantikan bunga yang begitu mengggoda sobat saya sangat suka dengan bunga nya, salam @r2cornell

Awesome pic of water fall and flowers .
Here is sunday morning india . Namaste

Thank you. Have a great day

The Level of cutness of the photography, i can't express . First time i see such kind of brilliant photography dear @r2cornell sir

Nice natural view..some great moment you spend. Thanks for sharing with us @r2cornell sir

Good morning!
Waterfall looks amazing. I love the sound of waterfall. You shared so beautiful flowers. In this post I like the red flower and Siberian Iris most.

You just made my day! Thank you so much!

Thank you very much. I am happy you enjoyed

very nice photography @r2cornell sir. i like your all photography. so nice. upvote and resteem done sir.

roses are very beautiful I really like to see her


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The flowers are indeed stunning and beautiful and more over the waterfall does indeed looks really beautiful so the bridge in the last image as well !

The rose is known not only for its beauty but also often given to show love for the couple.
Like r2cornell

What an incredible journey you two have had together so far :) it’s amazing, such beautiful writing and beautiful people ! It’s great to see people connect like this and finding the right people, who actually talk about things etc. So many of my friends are in relationship just for the sake of it, I swear they don’t even like eachother and always do things behind eachothers back etc... you two have it solid! There is always ups and downs in everything, but the bigger picture of life is what is important 😀

Selamat malam sobat,,, saya sangat suka dengan bunganya,,,,dengan bunga bunga yang bermekaran,.. di taman yang luas @r2cornell...

Postigan is good sagat I will share again postigan because I like the same roses because I have never rosein postigan roses karna that I love the flowers are beautiful color flowers flower

Foto-foto anda sungguh indah.anda nampaknya sangat menikmati setiap moment foto anda.berkah selalu buat anda

Saya sangat suka alam.apa lagi air terjun yang anda foto.saya type orang yang suka menyendiri menikmati keindahan alam.semoga abda selalu bahagia temanku

Beautiful photos ... of these little things are born great expressions of love.

Thank you very much. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

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Very fascinating. Fresh air and beautiful scenery, really pamper the eyes and soul.

I am excited about going back next month and then again in early Autumn.

I am very happy to read this post, without a doubt you are a very creative person, I follow your work since I started working on the platform, I always cause pleasure to visit your blog, congratulations for all your achievements and continue your success !!! !

I love flower....

Thank you very much. I appreciate you sentiment. I am pleased you enjoy my posts.

Thanks for you and most welcome sir...

Welcome See my post Sir...

hey how are you my friend @r2cornell

I am doing well thank you

These spring flowers are amazing and touché she to the heart. Cause I am also one who loves spring season the most. Spring is always lovable by every person and you made this post with love, the love shows towards flowers. Awesome

Thank you very much for your kind words.

You are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit.

Very nice flowers sir.

very beautiful white flowers I really like @r2cornell dear


Thank goodness

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Beautiful journey of photography @r2cornell sir. You are an amazing and professional photographer on steemit. I really very inspired by you sir. Thanks for always supporting us.

May the divinity bless upon you.

Upvoted & resteemed your post. ☺

Wow!! Fantastic waterfalls — clear and clean water..
Fabulous flowers—orange pink violet pink pusha and white... lot of beautiful flowers!!
THank you for sharing these photos @r2cornell..
You’re very good in photography..
hope to see more of your post..
thank you for sharing..
God bless..

Thank you. I have more photographs from this trip and I have plans to go again in July and then in September. Each time there should be more and different flowers.

Am looking forward for your nxt post sir @r2cornell

Exciting shots to look at today beautiful scenes you have captured and shared with us big thanks :)

Always welcome dear keep sharing the amazing content : )

Hope your journey will pass happily.Roses looks charming. Rose is my favourite flower.Which is yours?

Thank you very much. I have struggled with trying to decide which is my favorite flower and have never settled on a single one. I see beauty in all flowers, even blossoms of "weeds". Each one is so unique.

OMG! Very beautiful and peaceful. All looked radiant and very natural. It was as if I, enjoying instantly in nature.

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed.


Wow! Very beautiful and very natural, Sir. Thanks for sharing, Sir!

Thank you for visiting my post.

If I had a single flower for everytime i think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.

Thank you for the very sweet comment. I appreciate it.