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My first Spring flower opened yesterday and I thought what better way to provide an introduction to a program I feel strongly about and that needs HOPE. I know I am "tricking" people to open this post by using a lovely daffodil, but I think it may work much better than resteeming. Please read the entire post. Use translation software if you need to. In the event some get upset on my approach I have nothing to say, and no apologies. The content of this post is too important.

Before I go to far, I will be donating all income from this post to the FOOD FOR LIFE PROGRAM, which is using cryptocurrency to "save lives in Venezuela". For those using Steem-Plus you can add beneficiaries at the bottom of post as you are finalizing the post. I have added @aid.venezuela as 95% beneficiary (Steem-plus gets 5%).

I am going to "borrow" one of their photographs to bring further attention to this cause:

They have completed their first Fundition program (https://fundition.io/#!/@aid.venezuela/30wfgrql0), but that does not mean the problem of malnutrition and hunger has passed. Donations are still accepted through the Fundition site, until another program is in place.

Please read @aid.venezuela's latest post for more information than I can provide: https://steemit.com/aidvenezuela/@aid.venezuela/foodforlifenextobjectivesandsmallviewoftheprogram-mdx2ynaeqk

I hope @Zaxan does not mind me sharing a little about my interaction with him before he started aid.venezuela & FOOD FOR LIFE PROGRAM. Actually it was a month ago today. I could tell the desperation in the chat I had with @zaxan. @zaxan in the past warned me when someone from his country was trying to cheat me. I did not get that feeling and trusted my heart and sent a little steem to help. I will not include all our discussion, but suffice it to say that he shared with me how bad things were.

He began sharing photos from Venezuela in his posts. I highly recommend you take the time and read some of @zaxan's posts since March 12th, and @aid.venezuela's posts since inception.

I share a little of this interaction I had in March because of the change in @Zaxan. I no longer "hear" desperation in our chats. Instead I find a young man who is driven to help his countrymen and women (and Children). I see someone who has accomplish a lot in a months time. I see someone with HOPE, and trying to spread that hope. He is doing everything he can to show proof of where the donations are going.

This change needs to spread, like ripples in a pond when a small pebble is dropped into the water.

I know that many here on steemit cannot afford to delegate SP, and many do not have enough SP to have much effect on upvoting. When upvoting even a small amount can add up if enough small users do it. Those with more SP voting power can make a bigger splash.

Another excellent way to help is to use @steembasicincome (SBI). When you purchase any number of units for (let us say) @aid.venezuela, you receive the same number of units. This increases the size of upvote you will receive SBI when you post, and it helps @aid.venezuela. In the event you are not posting much, then they upvote your comments. This will continue as long as SBI is functioning.

I am adding this paragraph because I received a tip from #positivexposure, which I forwarded to @aid.venezuela. Thank you! This is another excellent way to help @aid.venezuela.

I appreciate all readers for their patience in reading this post. I hope you will resteem this post so as many people s possible can read it. Do the same for @aid.venezuela's latest post for more information than I can provide:


I have longed envisioned the potential of Steemit for people from all walks of life, from all parts of the world to interact without interference of governments. Governments are quite insidious in molding the people's minds. Now is the time to undo some of that which has been done to us by our governments, and instead change it to people helping people, humans helping humans (steemians helping steemians).

I noticed #theluvbug blog today and want to support them, but also to gain exposure for #aid.venezuela.


end of post graphic.png

I will share with you another flower, instead of my usual logo. It is one I have taken photographs of before, but I know I cropped this one this morning so it is not exactly the same. In the event you do not understand the significance of the Orchid, ask someone from Venezuela.




On April 13th @aid.venezuela uploaded a new post that should be of interest. I have read it very quickly and will get back to it to read again, comment and upvote, when my hectic schedule eases. Here is the current post: https://steemit.com/aidvenezuela/@aid.venezuela/foodforlifeguidanseforprogramorganization-1ehbc93x2g


Thank you very much for all your support and for dedicating this small space to spread the blockchain a little more about our project, no doubt you have been an Angel who has brought light before so much darkness that lashes our territory.
We hope many more people will be able to join this work and that we can support as many communities as the blockchain allows us. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.

It has been my pleasure. We have the opportunity to do so much.

I recall in a chat on March 13th with @zaxan the following:

"I feel all cases deserve the same attention. Not only Venezuela suffers, there are many countries that have problems. We hope that in the future the different charities in the blockchain can receive support in some way and not that things are simply centralized in fundition that takes a little while to receive resources."

The key in the discussions that I got was that other countries may benefit from the model of what is happening here.

Thank you hon. And thank you for reading this post! I know you have supported this cause as well.

I have also been affected with this kind of affection you have. You have done well and i stand with you to support. Thank you sir
@aid.venezuela will continue to have my support. It is well

Thank you very much. I am of the mind to pass it along!

I'm so happy the spring is finally here after this hard winter

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Thank you

the flowers you display are very beautiful. I will wait for your other flowers.

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Some of the roses I see in Steam are the first time in my life I see them🌹

Thank you very much. I am glad you got to see roses.

Thank you so much for your continued support, Mr Cornell, it really is incredible how more and more people are watching the work and commenting on the work that is being done. We know that this is the beginning of so much more. Organisation, work and trust are what lead to a project going forward. Perhaps today there are few of us who believe in this but I am sure many more people will see it with very good eyes and will understand the spiritual benefit of supporting a good cause.

The human being is designed to be that, HUMAN, no matter how far away you are from that feeling but solidarity will always be there, you just have to ignite the spark that leads you to it.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Sometimes it is just the right thing to do, without thought of spiritual reward or the thought of such. In stead the Great Spirit (or whatever name we give to it) moves through us and allows are hearts to open to something greater than our selves.

I remember a video that @blind-spot did after the terrorist attack in US at a Mosque. I am paraphrasing and in no way can I ever present the heart felt video he did. What I did hear was that we are all Human beings, and we are one.

#. Beautiful flower photography.....

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Thank you very much.

Nice photography and good effort for help the peoples of venezuela . Namaste .

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Good post on venezula issue . I hope all will well. Nice photos of flowers . Namaste .

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Beautiful flowers and your efforts for venezuela .
Namaste .

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Primero que nada de corazón muchas gracias por el apoyo hacia nuestro pais Venezuela @r2cornell, me da mucha pena con usted por ese episodio que vivió nunca falta quien quiera sacarle provecho a la buena voluntad de las personas que nos desean ayudar, de verdad que no aprendemos. Y si eso esperamos todos conseguir la fuerza necesaria para seguir luchando por la libertad de nuestro gran pais ESPERANZA esa es la palabra clave para lograr salir adelante, @Zaxan @aid.venezuela debemos apoyarlos ya que por lo que veo realizan un gran trabajo ayudando a compatriotas los cuales su situación es muy complicada por no decir otra palabra. Que tenga un excelente fin de semana y Dios lo Bendiga Hoy Mañana y Siempre por el cariño que le tiene a VENEZUELA.

Muchas gracias, y su bienvenida. ¡Lo aprecio!

A tí @r2cornell por que de verdad nos hace falta toda la ayuda posible y muchas más personas que de corazón lo hacen.

Dann kann das Jahr ja beginnen.

Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch in meinem Blog.

Greetings @ r2cornell

The flower is yellow, the same yellow color of the Venezuelan flag

The yellow color on the Venezuelan flag symbolizes the riches of the nation, the sun of the tropics, sovereignty, harmony and justice.

Let us hope that we can soon emerge from the ruling tyranny of the country and grow as a productive nation, not only of mineral resources, but also of human talent.

@ r2cornell, thank you for the support you give to the causes that require help

Thank you for the information about the color on your countries flag. Sometimes my intuition comes true. I just knew it felt correct. The second flower I already know about.

Let us hope this is the start of a new beginnings for Venezuelans.

Great post.. Beautiful flowers photography ❀ Thanks for the post.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Hello @r2cornell.
I started a list of support for my feed.
This week I will be reading,
commenting and resteem,
your content.
I will share it on Twitter and everything I can do to support your publications.
Happy life.

Thank you. That is very kind of you.

I appreciate your great role to support Food for life program. I think everybody should know about it and support this humanitarian program. Resteemed it, anyway I also appreciate your amazing flowers photography. Have a nice day sir, God bless you.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

@r2cornell, Supporting poor community high appreciating work. Humanity is most powerful thing for develop each others. Your great initiative perfect and always respect from me.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Wao what a great and impressive photography. I always learn from your post. We always trying to helps others. We helps others and god helps us. I follow your food plans and spend our life to good. Purple flowers looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this great post.@r2conell.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Hello sir @r2cornell. you always spread kindness to many people. I am amazed by you. people like you are very much expected by many people. I hope you are always given health by God. today you are displaying flowers again. before I didn't like flowers too much. but after I saw your posts a lot, now I like flowers. I like the orchids you show.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

The narcissus on the photo is beautiful!
Thank you for the post of support to Venezuela people.
It is a pity that my voice is small.

Thank you. There is no such thing as "my voice is small". All voices together make one giant voice. You voice may just be the one that acts as a catalyst to take this whole thing to the next level.

I greatly appreciate your comment. Sending positive thoughts to the people of Venezuela can be very powerful.

Thank you for the good words!

You always do the best for everyone, helping others is a very good deed. Thank you for your kindness.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

together we all can make a difference and you are showing a way to the community hat's off to your work : )

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

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Thank you so very much!

Hi sir @r2cornell
First thanks for sharing the yellow flower photo but as you mentioned this Post is not just about photography but more of support to Venezuela people through FOOD FOR LIFE PROGRAM . This is great work sir and I thank you much for that.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it! We have a great opportunity here....There is more to this life than filling our own pockets...

I love the flowers, especially the yellow colour! one of my favourite things to photograph are flowers @r2cornell

Thank you very much. I appreciate it! I also thank you for the tip and forwarded it to aid.venezuela.

Flowers spread enthusiasm and beauty, a form of passion and beauty that is helping each other. Thanks for sharing this sir @r2cornell. Allow me to resteem it. Thanks

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

The ancients said: one must strive to obtain worldly blessings in order to help friends in need! What deep human wisdom lies in these words. Thank you for your concern for people who are now in trouble.

Thank you. As I read your words a chill ran up my spine.

Your dedication to helping others is truly noble. I applaud you sir. If in Steemit there are many who want to donate a portion of their support for humanity, perhaps many investors will be interested in this platform. This is only in my opinion

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it! I hope you are correct. I see the potential to help other areas of the world, but we have to start somewhere.

The step you take are very precise, because by starting with it, you are already one step ahead of the other person

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All the hard work in getting this going is @zaxan...via @aid.venezuela

Hopefully their hard work can ease the lives of others

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Yes, we know that you are exceptional to do something different. Always trying to help others. After reading that just wanted to thank you for sharing this lovely information about food for life program. Resteem it.

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Thank you so much @hafizullah. I am hoping everyone will resteem to bring it to attention to as many people as possible.


Lovely. Nice to see such kind of work. All the best.

Thank you

nothing feels better other than to see those beautiful flowers blooming in the spring! but what more beautiful is that you help other by donating income from your post FOOD FOR LIFE PROGRAM. so proud of you Mr @r2cornell God bless you.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Good morning @r2cornell, really the yellow color is not my favorite, but I like this flower has a beautiful hue.

Blessings and happy Sunday

Thank you

Hope you are having a wonderful time. Good work NAMASTE. Outstanding flowers photography. Always wait for your great post. Truly you are a photographer exceptional. Have a good day.

Thank you very much.

Wonderful..Spring flowers are really charming. I like it @r2cornell

Thank you very much.

HI dear @r2cornell , yellow follower is too beautiful & yellow is my favorite color...:)

Thank you very much.

Wow so lovely flowers . it is really look.

Thank you

So beautiful flower. Yellow have always been one of my favourite colour

Thank you

Flowers are really awesome I appreciate your photography skills. You are really doing hardwork

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Thank you

Absolutely great photography dear grand !!!
And also my own photography..

Thank you.

These are some cool clicks :)
That last flower is so beautiful <3

Thank you

The yellow one is nearly like our countries Pumpkin flower.

you are welcome

thanks for share . anyway beautiful photography .

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Beautiful colorful flowers certainly bring bright and colorful hopes.
Thanks @r2cornell

Thank you

Your first spring flower is great. Each of your posts is really awesome and instructive. Good photograph 🙂

Good..Nice photos of flowers ❀ Thanks for the valuable post sir @r2cornell

Spring flowers are always very beautiful. I love your beautiful photography and also love your blog. You are my favourite Steemian.

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Wow..Beautiful flowers and nature. Photography has been very good. I appreciate it.

very nice photography
and great article
my dear friend @r2cornell

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this is great work sir. fantastic photography .
Thanks @r2cornell
Have a nice day

Thank you very much.

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