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Greetings all

I am trying to keep on a schedule posting once per week. Today I have a mixture of photographs to share with you. Some I used a macro-lens, while others I used my standard lens. It rained most of the week so I was unable to get out and see what new was in bloom.

This first photograph is a Petunia variety I have never seen before. I do not know the name, just that it strongly appeals to me.


One of my indoor plants was at it's peak bloom and I could not resist this photograph of one of my African Violets. I believe I have another variety that is budding out, but cannot remember what color it is. It will be a surprise when it does.


This next photo is of my Service Berry bush. It has been here a lot longer than I have lived here. I found the following at the Better Homes and Garden website:

Serviceberry trees display white blooms just before their foliage emerges in early spring, offering some of the earliest sources of nectar for pollinators. The five-petaled flowers closely resemble apple blossoms but with skinnier petals.

After the show of these blooms, clusters of edible berries form. As summer begins, berry colors ripen to a deep red then purple color. The berries make a wonderful substitute for blueberries and can be eaten fresh or made into jams and jellies.

I usually have to share them with the birds, but as you can see there will be plenty to share. I will try and remember to get a photograph when the berries are ripening.


These next two photographs are a little off topic (considering flowers above) but it is a place I like to go for quiet reflection. It is in a small ravine very close to my house:



To close out my post I was able to capture two of my dogs resting after getting a good workout. The Chocolate Labrador Retriever is Sahara. She is 6 1/2 years old. The black Labradoodle is Sheba. She is 11 months old. They both have to go with me where ever I go, or Sahara sulks and Sheba wines and barks. Both have been in previous posts, but I could not pass up this shot, seeing as they both looked at the camera nicely:

Dogs 05.2018_1930.JPG

I hope you all enjoyed my series of photographs. Hope you have a great day, and appreciate each of you as following my blog.


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Congratulation my dear friend for your 3000+ followers.
My post and video for you. please check


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Hello my friend how are you i am glad to talk with you more

WC my dear friend and I will create more post about you

Wonderful photography as usual. keep up the good work!

Thank you very much

Really sir so amazing flowers

You have all these flowers in your garden.
Your garden must look beautiful then.

I grow some in containers but all photos are on my property. I was able to take a few photos today of flowers that just started to bloom. More to come. I should have a good selection for my next post.

Glad to see you once a week with innovative ideas of creating posts with superb enchanting captured moments. She is looking quite good and the flowers are breathtaking. Just loving it.. :)

Thank you Ikrah! I appreciate it.

Appreciate you sharing these wonderful pics and you seems to be a professional photographer @r2cornell

Not a professional...I am still learning. I hope I keep improving.

sir actually ...you think you are not professional but...your outstanding photography showed us you are professional.
thank you sir . @r2cornell sir hope so next will be better..thank you.

Lovely image.lol

Wow really amazing flowers sir

So cool photos now where you only see buildings is valued to see places with nature and share time there in family :). Regards

Thank you!

Great photography Grandpa!

Thank you my dear Granddaughter!

I am amazed with your family, so love and happy always ,, hopefully healthy, nothing less. it is happiness that makes us young again

Nice flowers, keep it up man, here are few of my clicks



Thank you! Thank you for sharing these wonderful "clicks".

pleasure my friend 😊

your spectacular flower really very beautifull.this green nature and two doggy very cute.i love dog.i have a dog at my home.this violet very attractive your photography.you showing very excellent shots photography in your blog and always doing great work for all steemians.. what,s your wife health condition.i think that,your wife very early come back her health bad condition..your are a best couple in the world.take care yourself and your wife.best of luck of your great work..sir @r2cornell i respect your thought..

Thank you! I appreciate your comment.

As to my wife's health she has improved considerably since coming home from hospital. She physically much stronger and is trying to take better care of herself. Earlier in the week she actually was able to walk a mile with my daughter. When she came home from rehabilitation hospital she was using a walker, so her progress is amazing. No more walker or cane.

That's great flowers and Photography sir

Thank you

Most welcome

yeah,sir @r2cornell i am really happy to know that,your wife coming home from hospital..i hope that, your wife better feel doing.. its really good news.. i pray to god that, your wife coming back this bad health situation.take care yourself and your wife..best of luck of your great work..may god bless you and your wife..

The pictures are amazing, nature is its best.
When you draw or take pictures of a tree, you do not imitate the tree; To be free to draw a tree or a flower or sunset, you will have to feel what you have from it @r2cornell



Thank you!


sir @r2cornell How do you do so beautiful photography, please, say a lot better photography. thank you for share us.

I am still learning as I go in taking photographs. I have always liked taking photos. My Canon EOS Rebel T5 has required me to keep learning. Sometimes trial and error. Some times I just get lucky. Glad you liked!

sir @r2cornell Your all photography is awesome I always follow your blog for new photography. thank you sir.

Am just a Nature Lover...and you are great photographer.. really in absolute Love with Nature.

Thank you

Good job @r2cornell.
Thank you for your love for us. Fantastic photography

Thank you. Happy you like the photographs.

I'm always support you @r2cornell.
Love you...

hi @r2cornell
This is very excellent sir these colors and photo photography of all this zoya at the top of tenderness and magnificence
I have loved this very much grateful to you for this very valuable participation as long as I am glorified and my great honor to be your follower

Thank you. I appreciate your comment. I appreciate all my followers!

What a beautiful purple flower it is 😍 so eye catching and your dogs looks like they specially posed for the photo 😉
Thanks for sharing your beautiful moment's with us.

Thank you. And thank you for visiting my blog.

Sir visiting your blog is more than satisfying and thank you so much for following me Sir, now it's like I'm being part of steem family.

Good to see your post! I always wait for your post as you have great photography skills. I am a beginner photographer and by seeing your photos I learn how to take good photos.

I liked your Petunia flower, it seems it has a kind of bling on it but it's static. Your violets have a light pink color which is very refreshing to eyes. There are many flowers which give this kind of effect.

I think these ravine spots are good for a weekend hike? :)

Dogs are looking tired after the workout. Did you offer them food and water afterward? :P

Thank you. The ravine is just off the edge of my lawn...real close to house. My dogs had a good work out yes. They have several containers with water and when I am working around greenhouse it is fresh and cold.

Glad you enjoyed the photos. I too am still learning photography and my camera. I learn a little each time. I am still having issues with my strong telephoto lens, but will master it in time.

Amazing flowers
You have all these flowers in your garden.
Your garden must look beautiful then.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you. All from my garden except the African Violet. It is a house plant

Great Exhibition of flowers sir you have nailed this blog post.
Amazing post really nice super photos sir

Thank you very much. Thank you for visiting my blog.

wow this is really amazing

Good offer sir

every able man should tour and visit this place.

thanks for share

Thank you

Wow beautiful Garden......

Thank you!

the amazing ..photography...
African Violets...i love it.

Thank you. Beautiful photograph

The flowers they do look really beautiful and Sahara & Sheba seems really pretty :)

Thank you, And thank you for visiting my blog

It always is a pleasure :)

Amazing flowers sir,you have made my day,i am so happy that you are back again.

Thank you. Hope to be posting weekly from here on.

Great to see people giving and spreading love

Thank you for visiting my blog! I have the best followers!

You make me blush with all your compliments.

Really great photography Dad!

Thanks hon!

All pics are good but first flower pic is best. Post once per week is a good idea . Namaste

Thank you very much. Nameste @pardeepkumar

Glad to know sir we see your post once a week but your followers like me want to see your post on daily basis😍😍. beautiful post very innovative idea

  ·  last year (edited)

I am glad you like my posts. If I were to post something everyday it may not be as good. Plus it takes a lot of time to try and comment and upvote on all of your comments. To stretch my SP the amount upvote would go down if I was to try and keep up when posting daily. And then I would not have the opportunity to look at followers posts. As it is I have about 10 posts open in tabs and have not had time to get to them. I have yet to look at my Discord channel this afternoon....I am rambling sorry....

My hopes are to do a quality post at least weekly instead of breaking them up into smaller posts. I appreciate your wish for more.

such type of thinking about followers feeling proud being your follower thank you so much how much you think about your followers. sir may i know about your discord channel name i want to join ?


That's great comment sir

This is very beautiful flowers heart toching. I love your photography of flowers Sir #r2cornell. You are a nice creative photographer.
God bless you 🙂

Thank you @hazelalex. I appreciate your comment

So great comment sir

I really like your photography. I wish, you shall success your photograph. Take care of your health. Thanks.

Thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating my work.

One of most beautiful flower photographyDQmeBptosh6hAjJb1PW2n38RtCrKYix4qkRQiZs4aVB7G8T.jpg

Thank you. I have never seen this species of Petunia. It really touched me

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Thank you @abdifitri. I appreciate your kind words

I like your posts very much... They are so versatile about the very thing and that is so much difficult to maintain..but you nail it everytimeIMG_20180513_122907_1.jpg

Thank you! Thank you for sharing the photograph. Love the color of the flower.

Good content,,@r2cornell
marvelous photography,,
When photo blows on eye,it must be praised,,
you are worthy of this,,
Thanks for sharing,,

Thank you, and thank you for your kind words

Wow! Beautiful photography.
Awesome clicks. 🤗💙
I love to spend time with nature at every evening with my friends. 💚
I loved your post. 😍😍😍
I appreciate your work.
Nice content.
Very well articulated
Excellent job sir.

Thanks @r2cornell for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

Thank you! I appreciate your comment

I would like you to visit my flower photography here and if you like you can vote me to win this contest I have participated. The winners will be decided on the basis of upvotes to the comments. I hope you will have a look at it. Thank you!

I will check it out

great photography!!!
I like it so much,,Nobody dislike flower..
It symbolize the purity..
Thanks for sharing @r2cornell

Thank you! And thank you for visiting my blog

photography is very amazing friend, I am amazed with all the results of your drawing, hopefully you are always healthy and successful yes, I will always support you

Thank you @marlisa. I appreciate your comment.

thank you, I'm glad you appreciate it, just watch to see all my photography yes

Namaste @r2cornell Beautiful photography Sir
Sahara and Sheba looking pretty!

Thank you!

Thanks for you sir

Greetings to you too!
Your photography is just marvelous and amazing. The white dots in the first pic is looking very beautiful. I like your dogs too. The big one has a bell too? :D

The black one was very prepared for the picture looking direct at the camera. Haha

Thank you. The Big dog has a tag on her collar. Sheba, the black on, usually cannot sit still let alone sit for a photograph. They got a lot of excercise that day and it was warm, so she settled down and was able to look at camera when I said her name.

Oh I misunderstood the tag as a bell!
It really feels good when our pet gets themselves settled for a photograph. Ain't it?
Sheba is a nice name. What is the name of the other one?

The other is Sahara! yes it was great that they cooperated and posed for me.

Saintpaulias, which grow from 6–15 cm tall, can be anywhere from 6–30 cm wide. The leaves are rounded to oval, 2.5–8.5 cm long with a 2–10 cm petiole, finely hairy, and have a fleshy texture. The flowers are 2–3 cm in diameter, with a five-lobed velvety corolla ("petals"), and grow in clusters of 3–10 or more on slender stalks called peduncles. Wild species can have violet, purple, pale blue, or white flowers.

resteem done


Thank you!

very beautiful photo, I like your way of taking the picture, so that your photo looks very good, I really salute to people who have soul art, because the soul of art is not owned by everyone, and art has a very high price.

Thank you! And thank you for your kind words.

photography is very cool my friend. I love this Photography. a Photography of beautiful nature.

Thank you. And thank you for visiting my blog.

Namaste @r2cornell
Putunia is looking really great like the flower from the space ...
I also captured one...but i dont what it is called..IMG_20180513_112143_HDR.jpg

Thank you. Very pretty flower. Sometimes we just have to enjoy the beauty of the flower and not be concerned on what it is called. I have one photo of a flower that will be in my next post, but I have no clue what it is. The beauty of it is all I was concerned about.

Oh dear sir @r2cornell, really wordless to see your skill of photography. I think, you are professional photographer.
Really showing us amazing nature by your photography.
just keep it up sir, i always support you.
upvote sir

Thank you for your kind words.

You are welcome sir. Really sir, i'm always waiting for update post.

Very beautiful flowers @r2cornell, I love your work. Thank you for sharing our love for us.

Thank you. Glad you liked the flowers

Amazing photographs sir i really enjoys your blogs so much i am so glad that you are back with a bang hope we can see you daily sir.

Thank you. I plan to continue to do a longer post each weekend so I can better focus on quality.

Howdy partner, I'm @photocurator, a curation bot; I keep an eye on the photo feeds, I vote random photos of my followers and at the end of the day I publish a post with links to the best photos. Follow @photocurator to get your photos curated in the future!

It is a very interesting reason to show the dog, then someone comes to the other side, and the place was different

Thank you. I like the layout here.

Wonderful flowers sir thanks a lot i am enjoying your blog so much thank you so much sir.

Thank you. Glad you enjoy my blog.

Amazing photography @r2cornell
Really your macro photography is awesome.

Thank you!

Spirit @r2cornell in making the posts more interesting, I like your post @r2cornell good luck always my best friend

beautiful flower postigan and pretty I'm kind of interested in your postigan because of the beautiful color of my beautiful flowers aja interested in this flower

Thank you

Spirit @r2cornell in making the posts interesting and good, I want to share this post, good luck my best friend

Thank you

Same good best friend @r2cornell

Good post @r2cornell, I want to share your post @r2cornell

Thank you

Sama-sama sahabat ku yang baik

Glad to see you again sir!

Why don't you post daily?

and yes we all enjoy your wonderful photography,

I have noticed you stopped updating us about your wife's health?
why is it so?

I always pray for her health.

how is she now ?

Why not post daily? During the 7 days of my post I am busy replying and upvoting followers comments. I also try and view as many followers posts as I can in that 7 days. All this is time consuming. Then I have other responsibilities. This way I try to come up with a longer post, and hopefully of good quality.

As to my wife's health she has improved considerably since coming home from hospital. She physically much stronger and is trying to take better care of herself (although I once in awhile have to push a little)

wow, that's great,
Don't forget to say my hello to her.

I can't wait to see you both go out again and enjoy together.

I also try and view as many followers posts as I can in that 7 days.

you never ever viewed my post :(

Sorry if I missed your posts...with 3000 followers and cannot seem to get to all of them. That is one reason I started my Discord Channel discord.gg/cURBE5u. People leave links for there post in private conversations, as well as the post-promotion channel. I try and look at what is posted, but when I get behind I may miss a few.

Oh that's cool my friend,
I didn't know about your discord.
but now I'm joining it.
Thank you for sharing.