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Good Saturday morning (at least where I am at it is morning). Good evening for much of the world. I hope all is well and you are growing on steemit, and more importantly having fun.

I enjoy going through my photographs and deciding which ones I want to use this week. I also delete some that I am not happy with. I am also saving some photographs for when Winter arrives.

I believe that I was able to to reply and upvote everyone's comment on last weeks post. Sometimes I am not able to get to everyone.

Before I go into uploading photographs I would like to remind everyone that everyone remembers the following:

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Now on to some wonderful photographs to brighten our day. My wife just bought a new flower that is a perennial. I tried finding the name on the tag, but cannot seem to find it. This will brighten most people's day:


I have two potted Dahlias and this is the first to bloom:


This next one was in a flower arrangement my wife received as a belated birthday present:


I believe this flower is a Coreopsis that came up in a wildflower mi we planted last year:


I believe this next flower might be a Begonia that I saw at Manito Gardens that I have mentioned before: (It may not be the correct species, so if someone recognizes it let me know):

2018-02-10 01.29.59-a.jpg

Here is another wildflower. I had to hold onto it because the ind was blowing that day:


I will close with my second choice for my first flower above. I think this is one of our roses that we grow. it was suppose to be a climber, but is not cooperating. She is a beautiful one though!


This brings us to the end of this weekends post. I trust you will enjoy all or some of the photographs I shared. As always I appreciate all the support for my posts and photography. Have a great weekend and upcoming week

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted.

Upvotes and resteem are always welcome. In the event anyone wants to use one of my photos please ask and give me credit...I did see recently where someone did use one of my photos and a bot called them on it.


end of post graphic.png


thanks, very useful postingannya for me to read

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when i see this photo i feel i am going through heaven painted on a coloured canvas

your photos are too nice to enjoy.... you are a great lover of beauty

This photography is a remarkable occasion for a beauty seeker who has an aesthetic thirst for poetic feeling.....

Beautiful photography Grandpa! I love the first one.

Thank you hon!

all of your family members are too kind to nature

you are a great man dear @r2cornell....... love to stay with you

Beautiful and mesmerising flower photography @r2cornell sir. It’s so divine and amazing to see your post. Thank you so much for sharing this post.
I have also posted flower photography, if you get free time please have a look. It will be my pleasure.
Have a wonderful day 🤗💙

Thank you very much. I was already at your blog this morning ;o)

You're welcome and thank you very much! 😊 That means a lot! ✨

Another great collection of flowers. beautiful photography

Thank you very much.

Again great photography Dad! They are all wonderful looking flowers.

Thank you very much hon. Glad you liked them

Beautiful flowers and a very nice write-up. Just found your blog through @stardivine followed and upvoted!

Thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog

Good evening @r2cornell, your wife is lucky, this flower arrangement is beautiful,.
I have seen flower arrangements but not like this,here in Colombia it is customary to place fruits and teddy bears.
Happy saturday:)

Thank you very much. Fruits and teddy bears sound nice!

Beautifull flowers
You are great.
Always loving your photography.

Thank you very much.

awesome photography

Thank you very much.

Thanks for share with us your flower photography.i love flower garden.f2.jpg

Thank you very much. I like they way you are able to garden. Your photo depicts a very nice approach to gardening.

Greeting Sir, hope you are fine all photographs of flowers are Nice and fantastic, but my choice is the third one the dark red flower <3 love it, stay blessed and best of luck

Thank you very much.

your flower photography is very beautiful.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for visiting my blog.

Good morning @r2cornell. You've own style for photography level. You took full face of flowers like as face of cute ladies. That's fantastic creativity.

Thank you very much.

Amazing pics taken, yellow, red, pink all are awesome flowers . Good morning and namaste

Thank you very much.

Gorgeous! all flowers looking very beautiful, Begonia and wildflower are just amazing loved it

What the sunshine is to the flower, the Lord Jesus Christ is to my soul...
Nice flowers photography sir @r2cornell

Thank you very much.

Awesome natural view. Beautifull flower.
Some good photography by dear @r2cornell sir
@resteem your post dear

Thank you very much.

Excellent flowers collextion dear @r2cornell sir. Feeling very good after see these kind of lovely flowers. thank you for share with us.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

First pic is like sun rise , rest all are also very good captutes . Have a nice day . Namaste

Thank you very much.

Wow that is wonderful photography and great article. thanks for sharing.
Have a great day

Gorgious flowers collection @r2cornell sir. you are always boss for flowers photography. Keep rocking sir.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

Amazing capture @r2cornell

Thank you very much.

Flowers are a joyous part of human life. All people love flowers. I also like Sir, through your post, we know about the flowers of various festivals, thanks, sir

Thank you very much.

wow,sir really very wonderfull flowers of sunshine.i am really happy to see your post.because i am waiting for this saturday of your reading post and impressible photography of flower.every flower pics very attractive and pretty.obviously its your talented photo capturing skills causes..i am always want to learning to see your photography..because its alltime perfect and real.but this time i am frustrated.because spd prize not up and down.its not changed good position.i am not invested my post. because i can not profit my work and not improve my power.its of course my bed luck.i can not comment answer your before post.because my own family work and my internet problem.thanks to sharing for your great post always gift in your blog.very well done.. take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you..i wish that always you stayed live long happily with your family..my best wishes anytime with you.specially you and your wife.i support your every work and alots of appreciating to see your fantastic flower picture..i hope that,you supportmy work.see you again.have a great day..sir.. @r2cornell

Thank you very much.

welcome sir for your nice word comment...i support your every work. because its alltime perfect and original..i hope you support my work..thank you.. sir... @r2cornell

wow really awesome photography like it...
its made my day really fresh.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for visiting my blog.

Wonderful display of flower photographs Grandpa!
I like your photography, very beautiful.
Thanks for your share @r2cornell

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting the progress of the arts and the sciences and a flourishing culture in our land..@r2cornell

Great words. Thank you

outstanding photography...
Is it your creation dear?

All photographs I post are mine. I have never used any but what I take myself. I may not grow all the flowers, but most of them. The wildflowers are usually on my property.

It's fun to enjoy, sir. You take a very professional photo. Why? All look so natural as in nature. It is very beautiful and fun without diminishing the elements of the flower itself. Enjoy and have fun always sir with your work. Regards! 🙏

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

Wonderful flowers photo click @r2connell .

No doubts flowers is the symbol of peace..

wow,just wonderfull photography of flowers.i am not expressed
your quality.because its always real and perfect.every photo
you pic up very perfectly.really very attractive and pretty photo
capturing. just awesome looks

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

All the Picture shows so much creativity. Talented photography @r2cornell sir

Wow, very beautiful photo, I like your way of taking the picture, so that your photo looks very good, I really salute to people who have soul art, because the soul of art is not owned by everyone, and art has a very high price. Thanks for sharing, and wish you a wonderful day....

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

i'm crazy about photography especially macro technique and every where i can,took picture

Thank you very much. Welcome to my world. I am always finding things (mostly flowers and plants) to take photographs.

And thank you for visiting my blog.

these are the beauty of heaven

Thank you very much.

Nice photography..
Thanks @r2cornell sir for share

Thank you very much.

Wow sir amazing post really super collection i like your post always...
Every shorts really amazing..
Nice color flowers
Re-steem sir @r2cornell

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

Your blog is full of some mind blowing flower. I think you are a flowers lover @r2cornell sir . I am also a flowers lover.. Thanks for share with us

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

Amazing natural view..some nice click by my dear @r2cornell sir

Thank you very much.

Not everyone's but yours photography can always be eye candy. Very nice flowers. Thank you.

Hello @r2cornell thank you for sharing another spicie on flower photography,really love them...i get to know more about flowers...

Looking forward for your next flower photography @r2cornell sir..

I usually post only on Saturday because it takes me all week to reply to comments and upvote them.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

Amazing pictures Sir, how are your nursery gardens planned

Wow... Amazing flower.... I like it grand pa... 🙏👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for visiting my blog.

So nice photography, good job @r2cornell

Thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Greetings to Sir @r2cornell....you posting are always esp.. you really have a photography skills.. many different kind of flowers brighten up my day.. Happy birthday to your beloved wife 🌺

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! I will tell my wife.

Flowers for your wife..
God bless Sir..

Beautiful! Thank you @catietan

Your post is very good dear friend. Your flowers are very beautiful, especially this one is really awesome

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And yes this flower is wonderful. My problem they each have something unique that touches me. The variation of colors and delicatness of the flower on this one is special.

Good morning sir. I always like your beautiful flowers photography. And todays photography is so adorable. I appreciate it.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for visiting my blog.

Good Flowers Photography 💫👍💫

Sir @r2cornell I appreciate your work. This is your amazing good flowers photography.
I like that you appreciated all comments. I also think that I should comment one time but replay as a thread of comments. I understand that what you have said that don't use many comments it should be spam.
I pray for your long life.
Take Care.👍

Multiple comments under this original post is a good thing. It is a nice means of communication between follower and myself. It is easier to keep track of, and those crazy bots leave us alone. Thank you

Of ours sir @r2cornell this is a good way to communication with comments.
Thanks for replay.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment!

Most welcome Sir @r2cornell. I'm glad you apprenticed my comments.

Colorfull flower with awesome view makes the photography perfect.
Thanks @r2cornell sir

Stunning view of flowers. Everytime I just follow your photography and describin. I am a big fan of you @r2cornell sir. You are my idle.

Imagine the first thing you see in the morning and its beautiful.. Its the best day to start a day.. Today first that strike me is @r2cornell your bright flowers..
Thank you for making my day 😍😍 💐🌼🌻

Your welcome and thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Thank you for posting the awesome stuff 🙂🙂

Amazing work @r2cornell i am new in steemit i am following you,i am so glad to meet awesome people like you.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for visiting my blog.

You have made my sunday so beautiful sir,thank you so much.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for visiting my blog.

@r2cornell sir, The flowers have been very beautiful, and they are attracted to the mind.IMG_3025-a.JPG

Wow amazing photography
For your post propagation.

Really Amazing...

Thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Wonderful display of flower photographs Grandpa!
I like your photography, very beautiful.
Thanks for your share @r2cornell

The sunflower flower is very beautiful. In many countries this sunflower flower is cultivated. To harvest oil. Thank You SirIMG_3071-a.JPG

Thank you very much.

Wonderful photography and post. Upvoted and flollowed as your blog deserves @r2cornell

Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for visiting my blog.

It was my pleasure :) @r2cornell

Good morning!
yes, your first photo is wisely clicked to brighten most people's day!
Your wife has a good choice when it comes to flowers. Wonderful flowers and photography, have a good day ahead.

Get a good night's rest. And thank you, I appreciate your comment.

CAn't sleep, I need to make a video for today for posting. It's already 3 : 08 Am here.

Greetings Sr @ r2connell as always, your photos are very beautiful.
I have a weakness for Roses, so my favorite photo is the last

I understand your "weakness for roses". They are all so beautiful. Thank you and thank you for visiting my blog.

Entiendo tu "debilidad por las rosas". Son todos muy hermosos. Gracias y gracias por visitar mi blog.

This is one of the photos of my last flower post.
I followed your excellent recommendation and the text it’s in English and Spanish.



Beautiful photography and a nice write-up on the Cala Lily. It sure is a beautiful flower.

I highly recommend everyone take a look at @francyrios75's post.

Hermosa fotografía y un bonito relato en Cala Lily. Seguro que es una hermosa flor.

Recomiendo encarecidamente que todos echen un vistazo a la publicación de @ francyrios75.

Thank you very much, Mr. @r2cornell. You are very kind to recommend my post

awesome photography @r2cornell sir. thank you for sharing with us lovely flowers. so nice sir.

Very but very beautiful all, excellent post greetings.

Greetings! Thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog.

vivid photography!!

Thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog.

excellent flower sir.....wonderful photography...
I love flower......

welcome sir...

Awesome flowers sir,thanks a lot for sharing.They are very beautiful.

Thank you very much.

nice photography

Thank you very much.

Awesome flower..so much creative view..
Thank you @r2cornell sir

Thank you very much.

I am very interested in your posts, let me share @r2cornell

Thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog.