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Greetings this fine Saturday. And we start a new month. Our smoke has cleared out quite a bit. We had some rain, which I hope is the start of our early Fall rains. Before I finish this I am going to go on a hike in the foot-hills behind my property to setup some more of my game cameras. It is the first in a long while when the air is clear and it is cooled down considerable. I have not been in the hills since last December.

I also wanted to touch on what we have been going through with the prices of all cryptocurrencies, including Steem and SBD. Looking at the chart patterns of last year they are very similar. We are started to see some movement upwards in prices. As I viewed the charts Steem and SBD did not make it's move until November, a little behind many of the others. I am feeling it maybe the case again this year. At this time we see some stabilization of prices, allowing a base to build on. It is difficult to remember that when we are earning Steem or SBD, the amount we earn is the same. Instead we tend to look at the price in USD or our local currency. One must remember that if we are still earning the same amount of Steem and SBD, and we can refrain from selling it, when the price movement (in USD) comes, all the Steem and SBD we have been earning will increase in value. I know many need to withdraw what they earn to help pay their bills and feed their families, but if we can keep some in reserve their will be more value to come. I cannot say how much increase we can expect, but we have already seen a small increase from the bottom. Let us think positive, that it will increase value as we move forward.

Now to add my photograph selection for today. I am tempted to start with something other than a Rose, yet I know how popular they are. I love viewing them myself.


Next is a blossom of red clover. Nothing fancy but it is pretty. I let it grow wild for the bees, in that it blooms longer than some plants, and continues to provide pollen.


I also plant a couple of varieties of white clover. They bloom early in Spring with there is not many blooms for the bees.


I am not sure what flower this next one is. It may be yellow Yarrow. If that is the case then I took the photograph at Manito Gardens. I have not planted it in years. We have wild white Yarrow growing on my property.


This next shot is a Macro view of Status. It is a flower that goes well in flower arrangements, and it dries well.


The next two photographs were from my game camera. I decided to share them both. In the one you can see the tub I use to provide some water for them. Water is scarce this time of the year, so I have had this tub in the same place for 4 years now. The doe's ribs are showing, and I hope it is because she is feeding her young. I have been leaving some food and she usually comes in a gets her fill before all the rest of them show up.



This brings us to a close to this weekend's posts. I did get to hike into the hills/woods this morning. I took lots of photographs, that I have yet to review. I took two of my dogs so did not see any wildlife. I also started working on a blind. It will take me a couple more trips to finish the blind. I set up two more of my game cams, so now I will be getting out there more often.
I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted. Most of my floral photographs I am using a Marco-lens that came with my camera. For the photograph of the doe and fawns I used a game camera.

Upvotes and resteem are always welcome. In the event anyone wants to use one of my photos please ask and give me credit.

I hope all have a great weekend and upcoming week. I have quite a few tomatoes to can today. I usually keep a three years supply on hand, but we have tough gardening years the past two seasons. We only had 4 quarts left. I have already put up 10 quarts. I am hoping for a minimum of 20 quarts today. I may take some photographs for a future post.

Thank you for your support. I appreciate it very much.


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Those are so wonderful flowers

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Beautiful pics! Upvoted!!

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

hello,sir @r2cornell how are you? i hope that you are better today and always.this is a absolutely brilliant shots photography.every picture you capture doing very perfect style.its your big quality one of them.every flower colour very charming and beautifull.because you selecting doing pretty colour flower and most of the important flower is a main symbol for nature beauty of environment.. flower keeps every person mind fresh and pure.specially this deer photography very pretty.overall just mindblowing sir.but this time i am really frustrated to spd prize.because its not changed only up and down.so,i am not invest my post for impriving my power..its a big problem one of them and other problem some days ago this platform obe steemian to take my upvoting power when i am giving my post or any comment.some days this problem stop.but yesterday again start this problem.so,i am really frustrated.i don,t know this time what should are doing?pls suggesion sir..thanks to sharing for your great post of photography.i am learning alots of new one thing to seen your photography post.thanks again sharing for your awesome creativity thought skills post.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you.i want you stayed always live long happily in your whole life.keep it up.see you again.have a great day.i wish your great success bright future in your life.sir @r2cornell

Thank you @timuann for visiting my blog and commenting.

It looks like @sadkitten2 has issues. Everyone upvotes themselves. When I first started out I upvoted most of my comments. It is one way to build your SP. I decided then that I would support everyone who was on steemit and that commented on my post, or that I visit their post. It takes more people with SP to build.

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Hello @r2cornell , I am currently buying Steem I have confidence in this platform, I already have 500 and I will continue adding more.
I always choose roses, but today I change to this

It's beautiful, it's used for floral arrangements, this is what you say in your post, but if I look at it, this is a small arrangement that any woman would appreciate.
Have a happy day:)

Thank you very much.

So great gallery of colourful mother nature!

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

I like the details in each photo specially the flowers, about the rewards i prefer just have steem and sp because i feel i can have a whole number because before that change we had to divide the reward by 3, coming to photos again hehehe, i will use this one as wallpaper. Regards

Thank you very much.

very wonderful flowers photography.I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life sir @r2cornell

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

No one can stop me from resteeming this wonderful photographic post.

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

Spectacular view my dear @r2cornell nice photography.

Actually, i always shoot in AF-S with lowest f/# because i've been told to keep it as low as possible... i always go zoomed in max ( 55m ) because i use kitlens with raynox 250 dcr macro converter...
and it gives me f/5.3 and i want more in focus

So u shoot in AF-C? do you have a video that explains that setting? would love to see and use it.

Thank you
Steem on!

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

To be honest I have little knowledge of camera lens lingo. I use mostly my macro 0.25m/0.8 ft. EPS 18-55 mm. It is also set on AF. I do not yet know all the language. I am a true rookie. I have learned by trial and error method.

I like the way mother is protecting kids in the last photos. Mother's love is the best love in the world.

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome!

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