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I indicated in previous post that plans were to make a trip to our neighboring state (Spokane, Washington) to visit Manito Park with my wife and daughter to take some photographs. I took the following from the park's website:

Manito Park is a public park located in beautiful Spokane Washington's South Hill neighborhood. Manito Park has five gardens, a conservatory and duck pond that are toured by over 150,000 visitors each year.

The 90 acre park includes spacious manicured lawns, playgrounds, walking and biking paths, flowers, topiary shrubs, a greenhouse conservatory and multiple picturesque gardens.

Manito Park's large trees and well tended landscaping make for a great place to visit in Spokane.

I took over 200 photographs and I am slowly going though and pulling those that I plan to use for posting. Today's photographs are not necessarily my favorite or the best, yet I still like them.

Let us enter the garden and see some of what I found


This bridge is part of the Japanese Garden which is a very tranquil place.

I do not know the names of most of the flowers. So let us just enjoy their beauty:



This next flower I looks a like a Geranium:


Here is another photograph from the Japanese Garden:


I had to take this photograph of some young ducklings that were found in the Japanese Garden:


They have a wonderful Rose Garden and I took a lot of photos there, but will offer two varieties today:



I love the color of this next flower. I have not decided it is of my best work, but it is the best of this particular flower that I took:


Here is another photo from the Japanese Garden (there will be more in future posts):


I do not recall the names of these next two flowers. I thought the last one would be perfect to end my post, in that it seems so delicate in texture and color:



That brings us to the end of today's post. I tried to arrange the pictures a little different. I hope the flow works for everyone. There were many flowers that had only recently been planted, so we will have to take another trip in mid July and then again in September. We saw as much as we could in the time we spent there, but given the size of the park and gardens we only saw a small portion.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs

I trust all of you will have a wonderful day and week. Until next Saturday...

Upvotes and resteem are always welcome. In the event anyone wants to use one of my photos please ask and give me credit...I did see recently where someone did use one of my photos and a bot called them on it.



What a wonderful collection of images!

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Hello @r2cornell
Great job with exploring on flowers, fantastic pictures i really love your photography:)
Thank you for sharing at this hour and for your knowledge on these flowers for today, you made a good call sir:)

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed the photos.

what a beautiful flowers photograph you have. you are the boss @r2cornell sir. How many type of flowers collection you have sir?

What a beautiful collection of images, I like the bridge, flowers, in fact every photo you captured.

Thank you. I am happy you liked.

I'm happy to see you reply :)

wow,just wonderfull photography of flowers.i am not expressed your quality.because its always real and perfect.every photo you pic up very perfectly.really very attractive and pretty photo capturing. just awesome looks.this brige of japaness garden very impressive.its very excellent shots photography.. very well done . i appreciate your post always and support your work.morning i am not check my feed for my some internet connection problem and i am not reply your two comment.i am sorry for that.your all work very original.thanks to sharing for your good post..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work. may god bless you..my blessing alltime with you and your family..i want alltime good support.because its gives me alots of encourage my steemit work doing properly...i am always fan of your good photography.sir @r2cornell

Thank you. I had internet problems for part of last night so could not do much more than prepare for todays post.

yeah,obviously right opinion.sometimes internet give alots of problems of network.so,i am really feek boring this time.i am not comment proper time my internet problem.specially,night and evenning give serious problem my country.i can not doing my steemit work properly.if you comment my blog i seen this message.then i am doing answer this comment.but this time i can not perfect network for doing sms.i don,t know this problem when coming right position i hope that,very early changed this situation of network and i am got doing my work properly with enjoy. thanks to sharing for your good comment and fully support my work..very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work..may god bless you and your family..sir @r2cornell i want you support my work..because your support very needs for my future success quickly.

Wow very very beautiful photography and wonderful flowers.
have a great day

Thank you. I am happy you like my photos.

Wonderful photography @r2cornell
I don't have enough words to describe
the beauty of these photos!!

Thank you very much. I am happy you enjoyed my post

Wonderful photography @r2cornell
I don't have enough words to describe
the beauty of these photos!!

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Congratulations sir.. thanks for you.. please give me upvote...

What a fantastic flowers photography collections. It has too stunning looks. That's your own photographic creativity @r2cornell.. I always love to see natural photo click ... what is camera you used ??

Thank you. I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5

wow !!!
Is a high regulation camera...
For that images are so clean and fresh..@r2cornell

I have a lot to learn on it's use yet.

So adorable♥....your amazing flowers photography really impressed me. And the bridge of Japanese garden also looks so beautiful. I also appreciate your beautiful content.

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed.

What a beautiful sight. natural and artificial collaboration.

Wow! Wow! Wow! So cool!

It's really fun to enjoy. Exquisite! Thank you @recornell for sharing the beauty.


@r2cornell, That's pretty impressive flowers, ducklings and nice scenery of garden photography. First one very interesting to me. There are so many beautiful flowers. Nice shot selection.

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed.

wow!!!Great content..
I appreciate with you..Manito Park is a public park located in beautiful Spokane Washington's South Hill neighborhood. Manito Park has five gardens, a conservatory and duck pond that are toured by over 150,000 visitors each year.
It is so attractive place and so beautiful as like as paradise..
Thanks for nice capturing,,

A series of beautiful and amazing gardens. You are blessed to witness these.
Anyways your macrophotography of flowers is the best I have seen on steemit.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your words.

beautifull photography.

These are sure a beautiful scenario and have really to say that the flowers are indeed amazing especially Geranium the color looks really amazing while the other images of the images are indeed amazing .

Lovely taken shots buddy !

Thank you very much.

I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some.

sir, you're doing great photography of most beautiful flower.
Just amazing sir.

Thank you very much!

Most welcome sir.plz visite my profile sir

WOW! Splendid shots as always. I'm liking the pinkish macro shot.

It's unethical and rude to use someone's property without taking permission. If you caught such culprits once again then don't be quite and humble to them. Take some serious actions against them.

Thank you Ikra.

My Waite is over but I thing these flower are not as much beautiful as your garden,s flower are .150,000 visitor is huge amount .Your photography as well as the number of visitor tells the beauty of this park.

Thank you. There will be more from my garden and this park in upcoming posts.

Right.You have told that you took 200 picture.You have been spend time there when ever you visit this park?

I lost track of time, so I am not sure how long we were there.

That's so beautiful to see and explore through your blog post nice experience that is such incredible pictures you shared :) the little bridge in between is the best place to look around :)

Thank you very much.

As a flower in the garden
Bending toward the sun,
Unfolds it’s tiny petals
One, by one, by one…
So faith expands it’s beauty
Until at last it grows
Into life’s lasting flower…
The heart’s fair perfect rose.

Thank you. And thank you for sharing this poem. Beautiful.

your welcome sir.

Nice photography sir. The park is very beautiful and the pictures are looking great. I like the 3rd picture the colour of the flower is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Nameste 🙏😊

Thank you. The 3rd photo is such a "rich" color blue.

Beautiful. It was a good time Dad! Looking forward to next month

Thanks. Yes next month much more will be in full bloom.

Amazing looking this nature photography,
i appreciate your all photo. thanks a lot
for sharing this post, upvote and resteemit.
keep it up my dear friend......

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed.

Beautiful photography of flowers and bridge pic is best capture . Namaste

Thank you. I am happy you like my photos. I too really liked how the bridge scene came out.

Beautiful shots. I was in Spokane years ago and just remember it being a dustbowl with little greenery. I wish I could have seen these gardens.

Thank you. And thank you for visiting my blog.

Spokane drys out in July, August and September. It may be you were in the area late Summer. Last year we got no rain in those three months. The park is well watered and is lush in the late Summer. The last time I was there was in September a few years back.

So beautiful and nice place. Manito Park is a public park located in beautiful Spokane Washington's South Hill neighborhood. Flower photography is so nice. Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful photography.. from the bridge.. garden duckling to the beautiful flowers.. really nice very lively.. keep on posting.. thank you for sharing.. God bless

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You’re welcome 😍

very nice photography sir. best of luck.

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What's fantastic creativity indeed photography collection @r2cornell.
My heart wanna huge feels with your natural photos.
Thanks to sharing with us garden photos.

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OMG! Really very pamper the eyes. The colorful flowers really reconcile the soul.

Thanks Sir!

wow really looking beautiful nature photography. i love flower. thanks for @r2cornell

Thank you very much

your most wellcome @r2cornell

A lot of life and colors in that garden so we have to create more places like that because i sad to see building everywhere and nothing of nature in cities. Regards

Thank you. Yes there should be more spaces in cities where people can enjoy. Spokane has many parks but this is the best.

Great photography sir @r2cornell.thanks for sharing

Even if you think the Big Bang created the stars, don't you wonder who sent the flowers?

Thank you. I believe that much of nature, including flowers are a reflection of our true-selves.

Flower is a awesome creature of god..It symbolize the purity and love,,nice capture,,You are so talented,,Thanks for sharing..@upvoted

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed.

Oh thats bridge was really nice and the flower picture was very beautiful .I like this red flower very much.Thanks for sharing your content sir @r2cornell.

Wellcome sir

oh ho great,wow

Wellcome sir

This is so attractive and awesome photography,,You are so talented//
I hope you will get a award for this,,
I like your post,,Thanks for sharing,,

Thank you very much

Great Rose photography!!!
I like flowers!!
Thanks @r2cornell for sharing..

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed.

Geez! Very fantastic flowers. You are photographing with an incredible ability. It was as if I was directly in the park. Have a good day, sir.


Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed the photos.

Flower is a gift from god,,This is so beautiful

Wow really its an amazing garden ! Wonderful bridge! Lots of colourful flower that really attractive, very nice place for spending time and you took some awesome photographs that i really impressed, thanks to share your lovely day with us.


Wow....wonderful this photography.
i love this flowers. thanks for sharing...
upvote and resteemit

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Joy is seeing
sunshine’s reflection
in Mother Nature’s flowers.

upvote and @resteem

Thank you very much.

Beautiful, thank you for sharing!

I do not know if the garden or flowers, which is more beautiful.
I imagine that he is plagued with beautiful species of colorful flowers and of different sizes. I'm sure that from the bridge you can get a great view in general to the area next to the water, like finding ducks or any insect inhabiting there.

Thank you very much

One of the best article from one of the greatest photographer in the world. Salute you dear friend. keep it up.

Thank you. You are too kind.

Once I attended to a photography course and I learnt a lot, but with a camera that was not mine so I quit practicing. I remember those days thanks to your blog :) because I like to take picture of nature. It's relaxing for me, its beauty, its colors, its forms, etc. Thank you for let us know this park.


Ini fotografi alam yang sangat indah sir...
Bunga-bunga indah dengan lokasi yang strategis.
Luar biasa sir.....
Semoga perjalanan anda lancar dan sampai tujuan @r2cornell

Terima kasih. Saya senang Anda menikmati.

wow nice photography really amazing sir

Thank you. I am happy you like my photos.

Honestly, the photos you took were great. I will not be able to see these pictures .I would love to see you here very closely. It's a place full of calm..Thank you for your pictures and posts.

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I'm glad to have a good friend like you.


I need to make a trip in the japanese garden...

Thank you. And thank you for visiting my blog. I have more from the Japanese Gardens I plan on putting in next weekend's post. Stay tuned!

It's such a beautiful place and your photography too. Namaste sir

Beautiful reportage of a beautiful place.

Thank you. And thank you for visiting my blog

Namaste sir....
It seems like fantastic trip by you and your family members.
There so many beautiful flower you have shared but I love those young ducklings because I love pet and wildlife the most.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful....

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed.

A fantastic place to spend quality time with friends and family.
I like those flowers. So beautiful! If you visit a place like this, you are close to nature and you feel the positive vibes and happiness. Thank you @r2cornell for sharing this.

Thank you. I am happy you like.

Really beautiful and lovely garden the flowers looks beautiful and colorful also . Nice and quality photos @r2cornell

Wow what an beautiful garden with beautiful flower.Wow what an amazing photography and i really loves flowers an also the nature.The colors are really amazing and beautiful and i would know about new flowers.Thanks for sharing it with us.@r2cornell

Awesome photographs as usual sir so huge and so beautiful park 😍😍.
always stay happy and healthy along with family God bless you :)

Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed the photos.

always love and enjoying your photographs they are always indeed beautiful

I love to see his flowers and I want to resteem his men

Thank you. You are more than welcome to resteem my post.

Beautiful looking this flowers photography.... i like this nature..
upvote and resteemit done.

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what a beautiful location at Manito Park! just awesome @r2cornell sir. you take always lovely click. love it sir.

Manito park is definitely a very nice weekend getaway destination. Being there certainly makes the mind very calm and happy, completely natural.
Like natural photography @r2cornell

Thank you. It is a wonderful park and series of gardens.

outstanding natural view.
Some great click by my dear @r2cornell sir

So innocent ducklings in Japanese garden. These colorful flowers most adorable to see. It has gorgeous looks and given me inspiration. Thanks @r2cornell.

Japanese garden is so beautiful. every pictures is so beautiful. I like your all photographs.

I love this sort of photography. Everything right from greenery to various colors of flower like yellow, purple, pink are mesmerizing. Which lens you generally use sir. Thank you.

Thank you. I am happy you like my photos. I use a Macro 58 mm wide angle high definition for most. I also interchange with some of my other lenses.

thank for sharing this fantastic place is so beatiful awesome wow I add this to my dreamboard place where I visit

Thank you! And thank you for visiting my blog

Saya suka sekali dengan postingan ini dan saya mau men resteem nya

Thank you. I always appreciate a resteem.

Terima kasih. Saya selalu menghargai untuk mengembalikan posting saya.

hey man @r2cornell
i am really impressive by seeing outstanding flower this is.
unique photography,
this is macrophotography.

nature love it......

resteem done

Thank you very much

Impressive, the amount of flowers in that park, the fascinating photographs. they are very original

Thank you. These flowers were only a fraction of the flowers to see. Amazing place

Preciosas fotos, gracias por compartirlas

Amazing work sir such an awesome flowers i liked it sir,have a great day.