The locale cows! - 当地的奶牛!

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A great day today, so why not go see the locale cows?


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If I “drive” for about 5 minutes, a “little” grass area appears – both cows and sheeps grass there.

如果我“开车”约5分钟,就会出现一个“小”草地 - 那里有牛和羊草。

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(It’s me and my two boys at the picture)

As “always” I’am the slowest, it doesn't matter much - then I can take pictures like this.

作为“永远”我是最慢的,这并不重要 - 那么我可以这样拍照。

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It’s fantastic to live in the city and have the opportunity to visit a place like this (I had totally forgot about this place (I played here a lot, as a child) - then it’s cool my son at 4 year old, learned me “again” about the existence of this place.

住在这个城市真是太棒了,有机会去参观一个这样的地方(我已经完全忘记了这个地方 - 那么4岁的儿子很酷,学到了我“再次“关于这个地方的存在。

It was fun visiting the locale cows again; but every arrival, has a departure – it’s time to say goodbye!

再次访问当地的奶牛很有趣但每到达,都有离开 - 是时候说再见了!

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I hope you enjoyed reading this little post – have fun!

我希望你喜欢阅读这个小帖子 - 玩得开心!

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