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Happy Friday! 星期五快乐

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The weekend is finally here and how cool is that - VERY COOL!!!

周末终于在这里,多么的酷 - 非常酷!

Because of this stinking weather (rain, rain, and rain), I will keep this post short, very short....! 因为这个恶臭的天气(雨,雨,雨),我会保持这个短短的,很短的....!
I have selected some pretty flowers for you (my fellow Steemians) - I'll hope you enjoy! 我为你选了一些漂亮的花朵(我的Steemians) - 我希望你喜欢!

_DSC0045 (1).jpg


_DSC0044 (1).jpg

You have now reached the bottom and all I have to say - HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND!

(Maybe we will meet here at Steemit, if the weather goes on like this)

你现在已经到底了,我必须说 - 有一个梦幻般的周末!


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You what you have a good photos

Beautiful pictures :)


Thanks @karja 😊

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what a beuatiful photos @qiobi, how are u, like this post, hope another beautiful post regarding from Acheh-Sumatra


Thanks @dilimunanzar - I'm glad to know you like my pictures 😀

There will come more pictures in the the future, maybe not so many flowers (fall is just started) but I will do my very best, to deliver some other beautiful objects 😉

  • Have a nice day, Acheh 😀

your welcome..@qiobi