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Halloween is almost here with spooks, pumpkins, and other scares – the spiders are crawling everywhere, so thoroughly look in your hair – so be aware – one thing is for sure, you don't want them crawling inside your door!

  • I’m not the born “lyric champion”, but it’s sometimes fun to challenge yourself!

My wife, we’re doing laundry Saturday night, the weather was misty, it was dark and she was almost done!

On her way to get our close from the dryer (last trip), she noticed some beautiful spiderwebs hanging from the lights – she came rushing back for the camera (eager to tell her husband (me) about the beautiful webs, filled with mist from the fog).

A Short time after she left home, I heard a little scream followed with laughter – the spider in the photo underneath, felt down from the ceiling (while she was trying to zoom in) and missed her head, by an inch – when she came back, I could not hide that I had been sitting here at home laughing my a.. of, when I heard the scream – I could almost visualize what was going on!

Home again (with both camera and the laundry – no spiders).

I was eager to see the pictures on the PC, so I fired up the Beast (my computer 😉) and plugged the camera in… Waiting, waiting, waiting… finally, my computer was turned On!

WOW, the first picture I loaded up on the screen made me a very happy husband – how often do you see a spider with a smiley face on the back?

I don’t know what You think about it, but one thing is for sure – I’m impressed!

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