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in photography •  last year

Good evening my fellow Steemians!

Huuuraiiii, it's again time for some fun with bugs - this time a mosquito got "buzzz'ed" ;-)

It have become a great little hobby of mine - sadly enough, my wife and two sons is to fast with the electric Bug-slayer-thing, so I have to act as fast as I can!

As mentioned before - a mosquito found it's way on film and I had some fun with it afterwards, in Photoshop - four pictures in total (incl. the original) I want to show you - enjoy!

Picture Number One:
BlogPics (2 of 4).jpg

Picture Number Two:
BlogPics (4 of 4).jpg

Picture Number Three:
BlogPics (3 of 4).jpg

Picture Number Four:
BlogPics (1 of 4).jpg

I would be happy to hear Your "my fellow Steemians" opinion on the pictures - so please leave a comment below.

Picture number four is the Original picture - just so you know ;-)

(My personal favorit, is picture number One.)

At last - I really hope You enjoyed reading my post!

Best Regards from Qiobi ;)

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Thank you for your opinion @juanmallorca - it means a lot to me 👍


Thank you very much @juanmallorca - it means a lot to me 👍

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