Nothing is impossible

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a lot of people are determined to change but always fail to realize his intentions because he felt the change that he would do is something that is not possible. Though God Himself promised nothing is impossible, if He wills it will happen, as mentioned in the following verse:

"In fact, His business when He wants something He just said to him," Be "Then there is something". (Q.S Yasin, 82).

Even according to Felix Y Siauw in his book "How To Master Your Habits", mentioned impossibility is only a collection of possible things, the complete sentence as follows:

"Impossible is a sum of possibilities, if we are willing to do the possibilities, the impossible is nothing".

Well ... so nothing is impossible in this world Sob, As long as we continue to struggle in making changes, the results we want will surely happen by the will of God. Yet even though God promised all things to be done by His will, we still have to struggle and start all the changes right now. In accordance with the quotation of the verse below:

"... Allah will not change a people until they change their own circumstances ..." (Q.S Ar Ra'd; 11)

So keep persistently transforming ourselves into what we aspire to Sob, when we mean it all will come true. Let ... refer to the following motivation sentence that is uttered by Muhammad Alli for the spirit of our struggle more and more burning.

Impossible is just a big word thrown around

by small men who find it easier

to live in the world they've been given

to change it

Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion

Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare

Impossible is potential. Imposible is temporary

Imposibble is nothing.

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