No Problem If You Feel Less Beautiful, At least You Still Have A Good Heart

in #photography7 years ago (edited)

For you women who have not or never get the most beautiful women predicate in your neighborhood, especially in the world. Be patient, because in the end men will ignore the beautiful predicate held by the women. Although it is true that beauty is also one of the factors men will be attracted to you oh woman.

However, the thing I've always known both from my own experience and the experience of the people around me. Almost all the men who have been admiring women of her beauty, her sexiness, her looks, and other physical factors. Both men are known to be well-spoken to be depraved, they all will ultimately choose a woman who has a good predicate in advance compared to other predicates, when men are looking for a woman to be mother of the child they conceive.
The reason is simple anyway. I think and they are men who choose kindness as the main factor to be a couple. Because a good woman will be more comfortable and more able to happy men who become partner than women who only rely on beauty and keseksiannya.

I and they think that a good woman deserves to be a life companion forever. Because we know, every man who has a heart even though lust for a while, prefers a woman with a million goodness attached to him.
However, that does not mean beauty, sexiness, intelligence, and appearance are not a matter of consideration. All that remains a factor supporting the judgment of men against women who will be his partner. So, while there is still time to plant a million goodness every day to everyone regardless of who and what status. Just do the women who are currently still looking and trying to find the man who wants to be father of the child you're in. Because the good you plant will bring you to a man who is also good to live side by side with you.


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