Be Curious If Your Guy Often Speaks These 5 Sentences. She's Playboy!

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For those of you who have a boyfriend, sure your girlfriend is a really loyal person? Do not always believe deh before listening to some of the reviews below about how the hell traits male or male character that playboy? Because as we know that today many people are two-faced, another alias in front of another behind. There are people who seem to playboy, but in fact loyal, vice versa. Watch out lho ya because it could be your girlfriend or spouse too.

Actually want to use any way, we can not guess the personality of others, because of course personality that person yes only the person who knows, but with some ways below, at least can make your judgment to assess your partner's attitude later.

Of course the way below is not necessarily true, but at least makes you better in assessing your real partner's personality, because a man is very good at theatrical.

  1. Often say blunt blakan, for example "why love" to many people
    Ever dong meet people like this kind? Where is it so easy to pronounce words that lead to rags to almost everyone, especially girls or women? If so, then most likely your boyfriend is a typical playboy. People who often menggombal usually level loyalty is low, though not all of them.

  2. Often praise the physical, for example "you are really pretty deh ..." or "your feet level, I like!"
    Believe me, people who often praise you by saying you're beautiful, it means that he did look physical as something really. Certainly never heard dong maxim "above the sky there is still the sky? It is interconnected where there must be someone who is prettier than you and if he met him, it is not impossible to leave you someday. It's okay to praise one's beauty let alone a partner, but if too often? You are also bored dong ?.

  3. Frequently talking about the former with an alibi, "Just calm down, he's just past, honey!"
    The former is the past, why keep talking about it? If your girlfriend often says about the good ex from the positive side or the good or the negative side of bad behavior, chances are your boyfriend is not a good person, because of course indulgence personality is not the right thing, even if saying good side only, but make What? Did not he already have you ?.

  4. Frequently questioning the appearance or style of your clothes
    A man will usually be more indifferent to the appearance of his partner, except in a certain way, and if your girlfriend is often and over in terms of questioning your clothes while traveling, usually he is typical of people who really care about your appearance in front of many people, just want to show off your beauty in front of others, therefore this is one way to know if your boyfriend is most likely a playboy or not.

  5. Too kepo with your girl friends
    The next way to understand your girlfriend's playboy is to see if she often asks about your female friends in particular? If so, then you can be sure that your boyfriend could be a playboy, usually he will often ask about your girlfriend, you obviously will ilfeel dong? But that does not mean you can just forbid your girlfriend to be friends with other women yes, this is just for example if your girlfriend too often discuss other women, let alone to discuss the beauty and intelligence, could be he approached you just because he wanted to be close to him. Supposing you only used as pelampiasannya only.

How? 5 The above sentence is quite right? To prove how the hell is your girlfriend type? Is he a playboy? Or a very loyal person ,? Once again the above discussion does not mean if there is your boyfriend who entered in the above categories that means playboy lho ya, but at least with the above information is able to open your eyes wide wide to research and assess further about your boyfriend or spouse.


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