5 Tips on Natural Face Smoothing

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How to smooth the face becomes so important in supporting women's beauty. With a smooth skin and cleanly groomed it will be more radiated beauty owned. Smooth, clean and shiny facial skin is a high value for women's beauty. Uneven face surfaces can be due to many consequences such as acne scars or wounds. The surface of this less delicate face, makes the confidence to decline. For that, many people as if trying to get the perfection of the face. Facial skin is never far from the problem, ranging from acne, blackheads, oily skin, dull, and much more. Of course it has always been the main enemy of women who want to always look perfect. But of course some skin problems can be prevented by way of facial treatment. Rough skin is one of the problems that may be faced by both women and men. The cause is very diverse, from the environment, acne scars, dirt, oil, and much more.

Currently, many cosmetics are believed to smooth the skin quickly and more practically, but you must remain vigilant, lightning treatment with very satisfactory results, you need to be aware. Because maybe the materials used are dangerous and will damage the skin.

Well as a solution you can do own treatment at home using various natural materials that are easily found around us. In addition to cheap, of course, this way is more secure and has been shown to refine facial effect. Well just follow here some ways to soften the face naturally that you can try.

How to smooth the face naturally

  1. Honey
    The trick is to apply honey directly on the face, you can use a brush or hand directly. Well when honey smeared on the face do also massage slowly so that the content of honey can seep, then let stand for approximately 15-30 minutes. And the last is to wash your face clean and feel the results.
  2. Lime
    The way is quite easy, ie, split the fresh lime into two parts, then wipe the lime on the skin of your face. To be more lax stand for a few minutes then just rinse face with water until clean.
  3. Tomatoes
    The trick is almost the same as the above. You just make tomatoes as a natural mask. The first step that you must smooth the tomato first and then applied on the face. After that let stand about 20 minutes then clean face using water.
  4. Banana
    Banana is one of the natural ingredients that have been proven to smooth the face. But the type of banana used is ambon bananas, although the name is ambon but this type of banana can be found easily around us. How to use it is puree ambon banana to taste then use for face mask. When applied to the face do also massage gently and let stand for 30 minutes after that just rinse your face clean.
  5. Egg white
    First way to separate the white with the yolk part, take the white part then use as a mask with the way applied on your face. After that let stand for about 30 minutes or until the egg white is dried on the face. The final step is to clean your face with water.

So the article women how to smooth the skin naturally, which you can try yourself at home.
That way I'm sure your facial skin will feel smoother. But to get maximum results should not just do the above way one or two times, do regularly at least 2 times a week. Similarly, beauty tips information on how to smooth the face this time, may be useful for you.

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