5 Simple Factors Affecting Women's Fertility

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Every woman will want to give offspring that are funny, healthy, and can be proud of. Therefore no wonder if every woman is very concerned about his fertility. As reported by Go Doc there are 9 determinants of female fertility, please refer to the following facts!

  1. Weight loss
    Believe you do not believe the first factor that affects female fertility is weight. The fact that excessive weight can increase the risk of exposure to Polycistoc ovary syndrome (PCOS), even a Thomas Jefferson says that the more weight the woman weighs, the ovary's function declines.

However, for those of you who have a slim body do not be happy first. In fact a woman with a thin body will make her lack of Leptin hormone. So you should make sure your ideal weight.

  1. Age
    At the age of 40 to 50 years, women will experience manopause is a process in which the fertility of women will decrease drastically because it is biologically unable to produce eggs. No wonder if at the age of 35 years most women will have trouble having a baby.

  2. The lifestyle of today
    According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, 13% of total infertile cases in women are caused by smoking and drinking alcohol. So from now on mending replace all your alcohol drinks with a healthier like water until juice various fruits.

  3. A cup of unpalatable coffee in your fertility
    Believe it does not believe that excessive consumption of caffeine can affect a woman's fertility, you know! The content of caffeine in it is believed to inhibit the process of egg cell maturation. Duh, very danger, khan?

  4. Note the diet, not just any diet
    Factors that affect the last fertility of women are dietary habits are done in an extreme. Yes, according to dr. Marilyn Glenville (female fertility expert) Extreme dietary habits will make blood sugar levels in the body decreased. This is what then triggers the absorption of the hormone progesterone runs less than the maximum. In fact, the hormone progesterone needed the body to maintain the health of the egg.

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