The Rotten Egg

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So here's the story

The sun's blazing hot like it's on an super important mission to toast everything in its path. I set out to get a generator for my studio to power our studio lights. After hours of searching and finally deciding on which one to get(5.2KVA) BOOM!!! Its a wrap!!

We pack the generator into the boot and boom were off to save more lives cuz thats what we do*(it's a super hero thing)
Did i mention that i set out on this mission with my friend by the name of Ikenna, who decides that after all those long hours of sun-tanning we should stop for a super-hero drink aka beer *(sometimes...^_^)


On our way back while driving, I see this little girl running up to me, flagging the car down. So i wait to see what the situation is and she shows me this table-tennis ball that's beat up, crushed and burnt claiming that i ran it over. My instant response is "i'm so sorry" and she demands some compensation. These eggs go for about a Hundred 200 Naira/pack so i give her a hundred naira since its just one that she claimed i ran over. Off we go and shortly after when we arrive home, i have a look at the egg and see that it was burnt in the first place... either i was punked by a little girl or that same sun had our tires on ghost rider mode ^_____________________________^
You know what i'm thinking right? "you got punked by a little girl"

^_^!! It was a great experience and a wrap from then on too
Thanks for stopping by.

These are the pictures of the table -tennis ball