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Today's post is about a young girl.
Her name is Ariyike Moyinoluwa and she is a photographer. Yep< I know you've heard this before and it might not seem as something new to you but, where I am from, steemian!! This is a big deal. She is about 7 years old and she has been taking photographs since she was even littler than she is now…^_^
This is a very good thing because she has passed the stage of M.O.E > Memorization, Organization and Expression and she is certain about her career path.
This is not something we come across every day in Nigeria, rather we have children being masters of shaku shaku(the current dance step), comedies and other things that do not stand the test of time. Though the photography industry in Nigeria still has a lot of maturing to witness and all that I suppose will happen after the music and the film industry have matured, but having little children like her go into the profession with such passion and enthusiasm it will be a beacon of hope for the rest of the Nigerian children. She might not understand the technicalities of the trade and she will definitely have a lot more to learn. She will definitely have a head start in the profession compared to some photographers out there. She is being mentored by a professional body and with time they will make her better at the art.

If you want to read more about her you can check up her interview here

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