TerryG aka Terry Ginja

in #photography2 years ago

A while back in Enugu...somewhere in Nigeria I had the opportunity to take pictures at a popular concert called "Road Block" this concert only happens once in a year at the end of the year and bot is it a show that brings out the whole state to celebrate with the top and upcoming artists in the country. It is usually sold out and the crowds are so much, there is always another crowd outside the main venue watching the event. Luckily for me i served at amedia house who was part of the organising comitee and they requires my super powerds*(photography) to save the day. ^_^

The Artists here is terry G?
You can look him up here

Here are some shots i got of him at the concert. Yep!!!! He is that live. He brought a bell to stage and gave out his gold chains to a couple fans of his that danced excellently to his songs.

Please enjoy







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