Sit Back and Relax

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On a very booring day, the heat was just right, the food was absent, the drinks were literally lost. And there was no light*(electricity i mean..for all you steemians not in arica) BOOM!!! it hit me like chilled soda on the first sip..go get your camera and come and save a life. ^_^ Apparently my Friend Yinka had been in the sam epredicament also..bored af.

We step out the office and start a probono portrait session...Click, click , click,,, shutter shutter,,,moved a couple things around the complex, got a couple juices flowing*(why we did the super man pose) and boom! Below are the pictures we got.

All were shot with my NikonD5300 and a 50mm prime lens. Edited in photoshop

the look.jpg



yinka.jpg 3.jpg

above horizon.jpg

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