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The loss of a loved one is not an event that comes easy on us.
Whenever we hear the about the loss of a dear life, the thought that it could have been you is one of the main things that really grieve us, then we remember the moments shared with the person, we remember how they had been in our lives, the light and love that they brought into our lives and the impact that they have left will always be with us in our minds forever till we see them once again.
Here are some pictures i took to document the loss of a loved one, as a photographer these are things that we get called to come and do often - "document the process of an event" In doing this we have to always be in the moment and ever present to witness the events as they unfold, to never get carried away by emotion as they flow through each passing moments, because these moments happen like....and the next thing they are gone. Lost in the nebula of moments.
As photographers, even though we get called to document all sorts of regular events, our clients do not want a picture taker, they want to see a those fleeting moments as they were passing by. Coupled with their experience of the event they will have an unforgettable experience when they see your work.

Although smart-phones are in competition with photography and all that as some may argue. The main truth of a photographer will always speak because we don't just have the ability to capture and freeze moments, we know and have mastered the art of making our viewers see what we want them to see and how we want them to see it. This my fellow steemians is the true sign of a photographer.

Thanks and have a great life. ^_^ *been watching venom recently...lol


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