Londons street musicians - curing one from any street tune trauma

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When was the last time you held in and took the time to listen to street musicians?

I often tend to be like the average guy walking pass street musicians. Not paying much attention to them and their tunes. I guess expecting not too much thrill and fun, more the typical sounds. In Berlin there is one typical tune played so tremendously often really sticking out. The typical set: a saxophonist, who to be honest cannot be called one, equipped with a very poor digital amplifier plays "Hit the road Jack!". More screaming than sinning, of course, in a very broken English. If you are travelling with the public transport in Berlin, even if just for a bit, you will surely hear this song. Listening to it turns into a pain after a while. After years from travelling each day for multiple hours with the metro as a student in Berlin, this song now triggers an acute stress response in my body. I get this urge of standing up and escaping the sound. Although I used to love this song.

The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.

But exploring cities with eyes shot, like in a traumatised manner, won't help. Luckily their are street musicians out there, which are able to cure one from being the average blind Joe when it comes to enjoying a spontanous show and a little dance, being entertained, appreciating art and creativity.

And if you carry such a trauma, make sure to visit London and watch out for this brigde ;). As the photos will tell you, the tune was catchy and the band unique.

CameraNikon D300
SettingsF/4.5 70mm




DSC_3712 (3).jpg

DSC_3713 (3).jpg










DSC_3715 (3).jpg




Nobody knows better than us about street performers. By us i mean people from Istanbul. Every corner in the city, you find great performers and you can find any genre you want! :)

Thanks for your response ;). Similar to what I experienced in Bodrum, years ago, where the city center was full of great music. But I guess Istanbul has even more to offer :).

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