"Cuban Bird - Turkey Vulture at Treasure Lake" - 📷 Monomad Saturday - Silhouettes (Original content)

in photography •  last year
CameraNikon D70
Settings1/800 sec F/13 80mm
Monomad FilterMercury
LocationLaguna Tesoro (in English "Treasure Lake")
Photographed BirdTurkey Vulture

DSC_5601 - Kopie (3).jpg

"Cuban Bird - Turkey Vulture at Treasure Lake" - Monomad Saturday - Silhouettes

For this shot I had to get up at around 4 am in the morning. The tour "bird watching" began straight from my hotel room, which was located on the treasure lake on the premises of a fantastic hotel (Hotel Guama). I was picked up from a member of the hotel in a rowboat and then quietly we began to cross the river on the look out for Cuban animals, saw the sun rise from the water and of course plenty of beautiful birds. However, these shots were done just after we arrived back at the hotel.

Original content.

Original photo:

DSC_5601 - Kopie (2) - Kopie.jpg

DSC_5601 - Kopie (3) - Kopie.jpg

More details and variations:

DSC_5601 - Kopie (4).jpg

DSC_5601 - Kopie (4) - Kopie.jpg

DSC_5598 (2) - Kopie.jpg

DSC_5598 (3) - Kopie.jpg

DSC_5598 (2).jpg

Filter "Burlesque"

DSC_5601 - Kopie (5) - Kopie.jpg

This is my entry for the great monomad challenge by @brumest.

#monomad Themes:

  • Monday -> Macro
  • Tuesday -> Street
  • Wednesday -> Abstract
  • Thursday -> Animals
  • Friday -> Flowers
  • Saturday -> Silhouettes
  • Sunday -> Skies

#monomad Rules:

  • The posts must be in Black and White or Monochrome tones.
  • Colorsplash edits are allowed as well.
  • Each participant can post ONLY ONE SHOT PER DAY (until 23:59 Lisbon's time).
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Perfect timing: the bird sitting on the staues head! Also interesting to see the variations of your edit


Cheers ivansnz I am glad you like it!

Great shots!