Beautiful Sunday - Rice Fields of the Sapa Region, Vietnam

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CameraGoPro HERO4 Silver
LocationSapa region, North Vietnam

While going for a run here in Hamburg in the heat today, I passed a lovely park. Its green, especially the reflexion of the sun on the grass, reminded me of our trip to Vietnam in 2015 and for a moment I was back there.

Next, I had to watch the path I was running on, so that I would not trip over, as I was stuck in my memories that heavily ;).



GOPR0784 (2).JPG

GOPR0790 (2).JPG



GOPR0781 (2).JPG





Photochallenge #beautifulsunday


A good chance to have visited so close to a rice field.
I've been been Indonesia a bit and passed by fields but never had a chance to get down and visit.

Many thanks for comment @ace108
It was one of our best choices to do this tour through the mountainous region. The scenery was just overwhelming. Our souls felt so relaxed .. not our feet though ;)

You're welcome
Have a good weekend

Interesting to see a rice fields like this!

and the mountains were full of them :D.

.. Cheers for your comment my Steemian friend.

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