Sunset Sunshine Coast

in #photography3 years ago

Taken recently from the high point overlooking Coolum, did one of these photos snap the "green flash".

21st July 2018, Coolum, Queensland, Australia.


Lens flare, or a capture of the illusive Nibiru!




Live video by Frederick Scott filmed last weekend, is that Nibiru and Nemesis?

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Great photos of the sun, Thanks.

Sun is just about to dip below the horizon. Watching sunset makes you calm more than any time of the day.

Sunsets are the most beautiful show that nature gives to us! They never fail on being very beautiful.

Great pics!!!

Great captures!

live the sunset..



excellent publication

Nature is photogenic and your photography skills added more charm to it. and I could see in the last picture, a little glimpse of green flash. I had written a blog on green flashes, do have a look at it!

excellent photography

Woow, beautiful :) Re-post and upvote

Hmm, it is possible you captured it. The bad part is that it is hidden in the infrared spectrum. We would need an infrared filter

Watching sunset makes me calm more than any time of the day.

Beautiful click... And nice atrical

Those are some nice shots! We've been seeing some green flashes once the sunsets around here lately, but that looks like maybe something else you've captured!

watching sunset is always favorite thing

I am not sure on this one...

The sunset looks so great! I could feel the warmth of the sun through your photos.

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That's neat you saw a green flash. I've seen a few in the past month here on the West Coast!

""If you want to shine like a sun,first burn like a sun.""

Sunset and Sunrise Both are the beautiful gifts from nature .With the sunrise, our new day of life begins and we think of doing something new, it inspires us to do something different......

Good pictures of the golden hour!

I loved that sunset, excellent work capturing the scene.

Very cool! I'll say it could be another celestial body, but it's doubtful this time. The half-sphere definition seems like a mirror of the sun being bisected by the horizon, indicating that it could be lens flare.

If you are in the beautiful place, where you can see sunset and sunrise that means you are in heaven.
Sunset the most precious thing in the world.

It is very interesting to say the least. I hope you did capture Nibiru

I think Prime Cleric has caught the elusive king planet.

I always enjoy a nice sunset, well done!

It's a beautiful sunset.

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This kind of game is very exciting.

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