Views From An Altered Landscape

in #photography2 years ago

Stop, slowdown and look around. We are surrounded by unique and interesting scenes. Miss them and life will pass you by! There is a story behind everything.

Solitary and weathered trees in the East of England.Minimalist.JPG

A sunset across the Royal Estate at Sandringham.Sandringham Sunset.JPG

Graffitti intrusion in a WW2 bunker.Bawdsy Defences (14).JPG

The trees of the Rendlesham Forest.A Tree View.JPG

Amazing the things that are washed up.Logs Washed Up On The Shore.JPG

A mighty effort to hold back the sea.Rocky Sea Defences.JPG

Thanks for watching.


Howdy sir preppervetuk! wow those are some great sights there, I love the massive build up of rocks to keep the ocean from damaging the shoreline and those old beams that washed up, are those from an old ship do you think?

I think the old beams are probably from an old Jetty maybe? Yeah the rocks keep erosion at bay, but they do not protect from frequent storm surges in the winter.

very interesting sir preppervetuk, thanks for the information!