Sunset in Sarasota, US

in #photography7 years ago

Another beautiful sunset. I have to carry my camera with me so I don't miss out on these shots. I had to run out after I got home to capture this.

It does not do justice to the sunset but I got up and captured it and its about doing it daily and one day I will capture something amazing.

Have a good night.



It does not do justice to the sunset??? The cap is awesome man, u deserve an applause :)

Thanks @bharathcrypto for the positive words.

:) :)..Keep posting the captures of nature, the beauty..!!


i love the way the ray appear in the reddish golden hue, looks awesome as if you are in a sci-fi movie. beautiful

Thank you Joendegz

This is Awesome... 😙
I'm loving it...

That's interesting photo.
I've resteemed your post!

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