Bird of Prey - Eagle - Photography

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Bird of Prey - Eagle - Photography

Today I am sharing with your guys my favorite Bird of Prey and I want to thank @pythonpaige for reminding me of the eagles again. check her profile out.  

This picture that you see above is something I captured from my roof in the morning. Early bird catches its first food.

These beautiful birds are found in my country and they are everywhere. If I wake up early enough in the morning I can see few flying around near my house but if you really want to come and view them are usually arounds temples, this is where they hunt for food.

This is the view of them from the temple. I love them they are amazing. The sounds it makes just send chills through my body and the way they just hover over you and then dive. Its very peaceful to watch this. One of my favorite things to do.

Photography wise they are really hard to take a good shot with a normal camera, I have a Nikon 55 to 300 lens and they just about do the job. I would love to capture them with a 400mm lens or more. :) dreaming.

Coming close to the temple. you can really appreciate how big they really are.

I like this picture and how it looks. Just just wish it was better quality.

This is another amazing memory for me. As the sun was setting that day I captured this eagle taking a turn and the reflection on its wings looks amazing.

This one is not that amazing on the picture but she came very close to me and hovered. Love it.

Last but not least, as the day was winding down there was a great battle between the local crows and the eagles over food and this falling feather makes my photograph complete. Thank you for visiting and supporting. More to come.

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Thanks @pratickr It's look nice. I have seen the Eagle when I was about 5 years near the river side, but it is long time I haven't seen.


Its hard to find in some city but if your lucky enough to see one its good. :0) thx for the comment.

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I like you @originalworks. thx

Really nice photos. :)


@borganic thank you.:)

Such beautiful birds.


Aren't they just magnificent.


If I were every truly envious of anything in this world it would be birds on the wing. Especially the ones that soar!

Tough birds to capture but you did! I really like the last photo to end off your article as well :)


thx @ryanleechow Love all the positive feedback.

Great shots buddy...u have motivated me to write one on my clicks too :D


Great @vishlj, We are all here to motivate each other. )

These shots are absolutely beautiful, @pratickr! That golden one is out of this world


@dalerog thank you for such positive feedback. keeps me going.


I tell it like it is...


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These shots are great catch and photos, I know how hard it's to get one when the animals are moving around.


Thank you for appreciating. Yes lots of waiting around and lots of high speed shots. :)

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