Thanks it’s now clean

So please remove the flag

It's still copy/paste. You think you should get paid for copying someone else's meme?

No, this is an image sent by my friend to forward.

I am not disputing that. But, the fact remains that the content isn't original. When you cite the source, it's not plagiarism any more - true. But it's not anything new. You didn't even change the text, as anyone using google reverse image search can determine in a matter of seconds.

All that said, thanks for removing the flags - that means a lot.

bhai khali fota nakhoma thodi text pan add karo
no khabar pade to mari post jovo chheli be

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Hi @prasanna
Excellent article. I subscribed to your blog. I will follow your news.
I will be grateful if you subscribe to my blog @user2627
Good luck to you!

Be advised @prasanna, @user2627 has been positively identified as a comment spammer. They are attempting to trick users like you into upvoting them with insincere comments. Please, refrain from upvoting them but we highly encouraging giving them a good flagging. Once my voting power is recharged, they will be dealt with more decisevely.Tagging @steemflagrewards for future flagging action. Thank you for your time!

@prassanna, why exactly did you downvote @neutralizer? Please, help me to understand.

It's performing a service so unwary users are protected against comment spam.

I ask that you please unvote. The more rep the account has the better it will be able to deal with the abuse such as plagiarism.

I have colleagues that will be able to assist if you choose to take further action against our accounts used to fight abuse.

I am upvoting for now. If he doesn’t upvote me then my Decision will same.

In that post @neutralizer comments as a spammer on my username @prasanna and I am very fair. And I never post as a spammer.

You missed the comma.

If @anthonyadavisii said: "Be advised @prasanna and @user2627 have been positively identified...etc.", then you could be angry.

But what he actually said was: "Be advised @prasanna, @user2627 has been positively identified as a comment spammer." As in, you, @prasanna, should be aware that @user2627 is a comment spammer.

@anthonyadavisii works very hard to reduce spam and other forms of abuse on Steemit, and it would be great if you could remove your downvote.

@prasanna, it is apparent you misunderstood @neutralizer's message but now your plagiarism has come to light.

You would do well to humble yourself in this moment, admit your wrongdoing, and remove that downvote.

You have been doing the wrong thing and now you have the opportunity to do the right thing. I will be happy to support you if you start posting your ORIGINAL content.

Sure I have removed downvote.
Please advice @neutralizer to remove downvote also.

Ok, I did. Going to give you a warning on the plagiarism. Please, ensure you cite your sources in the future.

Remember, it is always good to create original and unique content to the blockchain. It adds value to eveybody's investment.

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