The last train!

in #photography2 years ago

When I was standing at metro station waiting for the last metro train to arrive, after office I usually meet my friends at the mall which is clearly visible in the picture and then thought to capture this moment which will always remind me of the days I spent working hard as intern in the office and later chilling with my friends and then rushing towards metro to catch the last train to home.
Since all that time is over now. maybe someday soon we all will get together the same way we used to do.

Sometimes it happens that you feel that these are the best of times and wants to capture the moment instead of that mandatory selfie which I am not talking about. these are those times not necessary that I might be posing in it, but the moment is posing here. I literally have a bundle of such photos and it always feels good to watch them again and feel good about the good times in life.
Do you capture your moments?

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I do capture moments in life. As it says a 1000 words.

Great picture.

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