To the moon!

in photography •  6 months ago

As most have experienced and seen there was quite a spectacle going on last night.
The longest moon eclipse of the century. Well for us as family it was similar as waiting for steem going to the moon, as we live behind some hills. The moon was already fully eclipsed when we first were able to see him.

But the waiting time was quite worth it. (hopefully this will be similar with Steem...)



Hope some of you have been able to shoot better pics!

'Hear you soon!

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Hopefully!! Waiting is tiring and boring, but patience tends to end sweetly. I believe it!

great photography

Awesome photos sir. Thanks for sharing it

Cheers to the moon.

The Blood Moon of the century .

It sure looked really beautiful indeed !

Die Bilder sind doch Klasse! hast du die mit dem Handy gemacht?
Mein Handy war leider zu schlecht um eine gute Aufnahme zu machen.

Some beautiful captures you have taken and experience that in real is such a joy for sure :)