Happy in the wild.

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Happy in the wild.

I find a lot of happiness when I walk outside and I spot wild flowers! Today I came across these amazing wild roses and I just had to stop and take a few pictures.


It was HOT again today! 29c and even when we went outside late in the evening it was still feeling like I was walking in the desert! The only thing missing were the camels! Lucky I have a lot of these amazing oases near by where we can cool down at the water and enjoy nature in full bloom.

When my nosy eyes spotted these amazing pink flowers my heart started to jump. Maybe it was me jumping up and down.. ((Thinks)).. Anyways something was jumping up and down! I felt like a little kid in a candy store holding a bag full of the most amazing candy! I took my time to inhale the sweet scent before I started to take pictures.

I was not sure if the pictures would turn out good enough seeing it was later than normal on my walks. But, lucky enough I got a few nice shots.


I love the wild roses! They look powerful and strong in their beauty! You should not capture them and tell them how to grow, how high to become or which color should first. These wild roses are at their best when you see them growing on the side of a grey street. Next to a playground or just in the middle of nowhere!

Soon the flowers will be gone and a new amazing thing will show its face, the bottles. The nice bottles you can open up and put the small seeds behind the shirt of your brother, mother or maybe even a stranger of you are daring enough! The itchy bottles we used as a child to rub for our lives just seconds later! Not only fun to play with but also amazing to see. They also come in amazing colors and I am sure that I will be capturing that as well!

All pictures taken with a Canon 500D
Canon zoom lens 70-300mm

Thank you for reading my post!

Best wishes

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lovely flowers

@poeticsnake Wow amazing flowers, look very nice, this Rose 🌹 ,, which helps us to maintain the beauty of our environment, the lesser we talk about flowers, flowers are the natural resources, the main source of beauty is the flowers, the purity of the innocent mind Flowers, flowers, that does not live like flowers, he can kill people, flowers surround our home, office, school, college, all the beauty enhances the place, do you think ????UpVote, comments

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Aw lovely flowers, I just came back myself from a day off discord out in the woods. Very hot here too.

I find a lot of happiness too when ever I am in the wild. It makes me feel the connection we have with our emvironment. The wild needs us and we need the wild too. But it's just painful that most people don't value the beauty of nature. Just mere Looking at this lovely roses is so satisfying. There is absolutely love in the wild i must say. Beautiful shots you've got @poeticsnake

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flowers make me happy... girls never can resist!

The flowers looks colorful and beautiful , I like the brightness and pinkish color of the flowers . Flowers symbolizes love and purity and it adds it own beauty to our surrounding . Lovely flowers @poeticsnake

Hi @poeticsnake Lovely your post.

While they may have endured a high-maintenance reputation in the past, roses have been enjoying a renaissance, of sorts. Modern varieties feature attractive qualities for busy, modern gardeners, such as hardiness in cooler climates, drought resistance, self-cleaning (meaning no deadheading required!), and greater disease resistance. Selecting low-maintenance roses for an established or new perennial garden, or even for a hedge, will add vibrant color and interest to the chosen space—without any fuss.

These floriferous, easy-care shrub roses come in some pretty stunning hues from white, yellow, and peach, to a spectrum of pink.

I love the abundance of blooms and the fact we can add low-maintenance roses to our gardens and let them show off their attributes.

Have a wonderful day
A hug

We use to call those "bottles" Itchy bombs, we would gather them by the hundreds and walk around our english neighbourhood throwing them at anyone and everything, our favourite was when someone would chase us. Not great if you got caught. We would also indulge in the game of "budding windows" throwing buds at windows. A sigh of my childhood delinquency.

Why does this never happen when I go tubing...

Beautiful photo! I really liked it.
Красивое фото! Мне очень понравилось.

Great pictures @poeticsnake , walking among nature is definitely a great therapy to promote healing and lowering blood pressure, thanks for sharing!

Aw stunning blooms, I just returned myself from a vacation day dissension out in the forested areas. Exceptionally hot here as well. @poeticsnake

@poeticsnake giving time with flowers make us felt very good. loves flowers a lot.

How amazing nature can be.