Wild garlic experiments

It was just a few years ago that I heard about wild garlic for the first time. At that time, I changed my diet and started to eat more balanced food as I had some digestion issues for ages and couldn't get rid off them even with intensive help of medical professionals.

Someone gave me a book about herbs and veggies that can be found in nature and are full of nutrients but unfortunately very often neglected by us. I read the book but didn't feel like going to the forest and picking up my food. Wild garlic was included in that book and I was impressed by its health benefits, such as its antibacterial properties, vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and copper.

Once I saw wild garlic at the farmer's market and I wanted to try it even though it was so overpriced. I bought a bunch and added it in my pasta sauce. I loved its taste! It was garlicky but not as strong as traditional garlic would be and I was sold. However, I refused paying this much money for a few green leaves. I had no choice but to pick it up in the forest.

I did my research first to understand when and how it should be collected. It's important to rub the leaves between the fingers to make sure that it smells like garlic as it resembles Lily of the Valley which is poisonous.

I was lucky as it didn't take me long to find a place with plenty of wild garlic. It was at the beginning of April that year which is the best time to collect it. I read that wild garlic should be collected before it's blooming and the one that I found was perfect. I made sure to leave more than enough for wild animals and went home with a bag full of this green gold.

Over the years I've been experiencing and trying new recipes with wild garlic. Its season is short so you have to be quick. I froze some of it, dried plenty in the dehydrator, made pesto and marinated it in vinegar. All of them were great and my husband can't live without the wild garlic powder anymore. At least this is what he says. You can make wild garlic salt by adding this powder to the salt.

My favorite would be wild garlic pesto which is very easy to make.

You will need:

150 g wild garlic
200 g spinach
1 cup nutritional yeast
1/2 extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup hemp hearts (optional)
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp salt

Put everything in the food processed and process until you get the required texture. Yes, it's this easy!


This pesto is not only delicious but also versatile. You can use it as a dip, spread it on a toast or add a little water to the mixture and make pasta sauce. It is also great in soups - I used 1 tbsp in my potato leek soup and it was spot on.


The wild garlic powder is perfect for salads. It will give them light garlicky aroma but it's not too strong. I used it in my quinoa chickpeas salad. It was yum!


I find this wild garlic a few weeks ago but I didn't collect it as it was on the 'dogs route' (if you know what I mean) but look how beautiful it is.


If you haven't tried wild garlic yet, you should definitely do so when you get a chance. You will not regret it!

Thank you for visiting!


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