Adventure on the balcony

What do you do when you should stay inside? Luckily, we have a large balcony, so we are able to be outside even though we are actually at home. Today, it's been such a great weather. The temperature feels like spring, and therefore my husband came up with the idea of having our first BBQ this year. I found it a great idea and spent all morning preparing our food. He set the BBQ and we were ready to eat. After I while, I have noticed that there were many more people with similar idea. Balconies around us were busy and we could hear people talking and laughing. It's good that we can still find reasons to smile even though it may not be easy at the moment.

We are lucky to live on the top of our building which means that we have great views in every direction. And this is what I want to share with you today.

In the back of this photo is Schaffhausen which is the capital city of our canton.


On the right side, in the valley is the river Rhine. Behind the river is the canton of Zurich already and the houses that you can see on the hill belong to that canton. We live on the border of the canton Schaffhausen and the canton Zurich, and very close to the border with Germany. It's an interesting mixture here.


In the back of the photo are the Swiss Alps. We can see them very often when the weather is good there as well. Today, it must have been cloudy as we didn't see any mountains.

There are cranes all around the city as there are many construction projects going on. Our community representatives want to attract people who work in Zurich to move here and commute on a daily basis. It might sound like a strange idea, but there are not enough apartments in Zurich, so I think work that this project should work. It just doesn't look that nice at the moment. I remember when we moved in 5 years ago, there were no construction works at all. It was such a quiet and serene place.


And here is the monster construction that they've been building for over two years. At the beginning it had a huge impact on us as we didn't know how much of the view we would lose. We didn't lose as much as we thought but we will have to get used to people who will be able to see inside of our apartment - strange feeling.

It was also very loud at the beginning when they were digging the hole and it took them more than a year to actually finish the building. So much noise! Now, it's much better as they work inside of the building already, so it doesn't bother us that much anymore. Let's see how it will be when people move in this summer.

A few weeks ago we watched the videos from the construction that my husband took and we couldn't believe how different this place became.


I didn't take any photos of our food as I was so hungry that I couldn't wait anymore. After we finished our BBQ, I did the dished and now, I'm done for today. I'm going to rest for the rest of the weekend.

What have you done today? Are you staying at home too?

Take care and stay healthy!


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