A sunny day in Vienna

You might know already that I grew up in Slovakia. Bratislava, our capital city is just an hour drive from Vienna but my hometown is approximately 6 hours drive from Bratislava, so I visited Vienna for the first time when I was 25.

I even lived in Bratislava during my studies but Vienna seemed to be so big and kind of scary that I never dared to go there. When I look back I can't understand the young me as I enjoy exploring new places right now and don't feel like there would be a place in Europe that would scare me off.

When I first came to Vienna I fell in love with the city. I love history and Vienna has so much to offer in this regard. The architecture is beautiful, there are tons of museums, cafes, restaurants, theaters, parks and I believe that everyone could find something to do in this city.


On our way back home from Switzerland, we usually fly through the Vienna airport. There were many times when our flight was cancelled or when we missed our connecting flight to Slovakia, so we had to stay in Vienna for a day or two. Of course, it's very frustrating when something like this happens but every time we tried to make the best out of our stay and now I can say that I know Vienna a little bit.


I even traveled there for business on several occasions and had the opportunity to explore Vienna with my colleagues who live there.

If I think about it I must say that I have already compensated that I didn't go there when I was young even though it was so close to Bratislava. A few years ago a friend of mine got married in Vienna and we were invited to the wedding. It was an unforgettable weekend and we had so much fun! The wedding took place in a palace and I still remember that large staircase that led us to the hall where the reception was held. I was feeling like a princess even though it was not me who was getting married. I can only imagine that my friend was feeling like a queen!


There are not many cities in Europe that are more beautiful than Vienna in my opinion. The only two cities that come to my mind would be Prague and Budapest.


I have visited countless museums in Vienna already. This one was very special as there is a cafe on the ground floor and when you drink your coffee you can enjoy this magnificent view. It makes you feel royal...

If you ever get to a museum in Vienna, be aware that they are large. It takes hours to walk through a few of them. Take your time and enjoy them. I always take it as a once in a life opportunity to visit such old buildings and enjoy the artifacts.


There are not that many places where I go more than once but Vienna got my heart and I actually enjoy visiting it over and over again. I hope that I have inspired you to visit Vienna too!

Thank you for visiting!



Stunning photos mate! shame we dont build that sort of stuff anymore tbh :/
Great post :)

I was in Bratislava last year. beautiful castle with nice view. And interesting park you got with cemetery

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