The Manhattan moonshot

in photography •  10 months ago

One last farewell look over NYC on a perfect winter day.

First post testing out Steepshot.

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Good luck in SF

So great to meet you in NYC! Maybe I'll see you in SF later this month or next? :)


Ditto. Are you going to be at Startup Grind in February, @pkattera?

wow very nice city thanks for shere dear @pkattera

Fantastic shot. I think I'm going to get Steepshot and put Zappl on ice for a while.


How dare you put Zappl on ice! :P jk

Cool shot!
Is it drone or airplane shot?

wonderful flight! New achievements in life!

From this height never seen the city. Very beautiful photo )) Thank you.

Incredibly beautiful views of friends, a city so beautiful and a sea so blue. Very, very beautiful, you have a great talent photographer. Thank you friends, happy to be friends with you.

Oh that's a nice pic yo

plis folow me

Hi @pkattera, I nominated you to take part in the 7 day black and white challenge in my latest post!

Great post tnx for sharing I just upvote check out my post steemit all the way

nice photo ! o.ob

What an angel photoshoot

Welcome to the team man!

@pkattera Nice picture :)

You've got some wonderful photography, I love how you can see the moon even in the day light! I have to get on Steepshot once it arrives on iOS!

it look like beautiful scenery @pkattera
i must to learn more like you :)

Wow! I haven't tried steepshot yet. I'll put that on my photography to-do list :) I like how your photo turned out. Following you!

@pkattera This is a great shot of NYC! I’m going to have to check out Steepshot. Thanks for sharing!

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@pkattera you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

This is truly awesome my friend ! Stunning view !!