Indian Streets | MyPictureDay Submission

in photography •  6 months ago

Hello! This my entry for the #mypictureday challenge by @timsaid.

Here's a little backstory:

I've just spent 3 weeks in India which was an amazing experience and I'm already looking forward to visit it again. I've always been interested in the so called 'street life' that I always used to see on TV when I was a small. So this trip was one of the most exciting things that happened in the past few years of my life.

First picture bellow is probably my most favorite picture that I ever managed to capture. Pure happiness of a child... What else can be more real? Once I was there, I just saw his eyes and big smile out of the excitement. So I took a picture of him and his friends. Why is he so excited, you say? Well, town that I was in is completely unknown between tourists, so locals have probably never seen a white person before. My friend that used to live there said that Indian people (especially the ones living in more remote area) really respect white people, so I got quite a bit of attention, but it was nice.


Another child that got my attention. He was really shy, but followed us during our trip back to hotel for quite some time. We gave him few toys that come from kinder surprise chocolate eggs and some candy. He then ran away a little, but soon we met him again near his home. One of the things I liked there in India was the honesty and kindness of people.


And lastly this.. Once I saw this, I only then felt that I'm actually in India. Since my very first days I always used to see people on TV in India or other Asian countries carrying stuff on their heads. It always surprised me. I've always dreamed that I'll get to see and maybe even experience the routine of countries like India one day. And that day came.. But also flew very fast. Those three weeks felt like a moment. There's just so much to see in India...


Thanks for reading!

My gear:

CameraNikon D5600
LensNikon AF-P DX 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED
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Wonderfully taken pictures! Your stories are also really interesting :)


Thanks! I'm really glad you think so!;)

Good to see steemians visiting India, let me know if you drop by Mumbai, would love to meet a fellow steemian.


Mumbai is quite far from where I'm usually staying. But who knows, maybe next time I'll come there. Mumbai is also in my wishlist for quite a long time, so maybe I'll get there one day.

Wow, very nice post! I was thinking about visiting India myself, where in India did you visit?


Thanks! As others say - India is not a country for everyone, but I would definitely recommend you to visit it anyway. I spent 1 week in Puri (Odisha) and almost 2 weeks in Vrindavan (small city near Agra where Taj Mahal is).


Did you see the Taj Mahal? I always wanted to see it, one of my main reasons of wanting to go to India.


Yes, I've seen it. I don't want to ruin your hopes, but trip to Taj Mahal wasn't one of the greatest trips. First of all, everything is so overpriced there. Then we have people who follow your every step and try to sell you something. With every no that you say they drop the price drastically. It's really hard to hold on against them. Also, I think it was just mine and my group's mistake, but we got a scammer guide. He told that he is there for us to get rid of the fake guides who charge a lot. So we trusted him since he said he won't take any money from us because his service is included in the ticket price and also he takes pictures for free. After a really bad tour around Taj Mahal (he was always in a hurry, didn't let us enjoy it and didn't let me take a lot of pictures) we were charged with ₹2600 (about 32 euro). It doesn't seem much, but it was our last day there and we were pretty much packed all of our stuff to leave and also didn't had any cash left. We had to pay to driver to get us home also. After arguing for about half an hour we had to give him money. So I somehow managed to find ₹2000 and he accepted it and quickly ran away.


My god! Didn't know there were these kind of people, you'd expect these kind of people to be not allowed around such a beautiful stucture which has lots of foreign tourists as well.