My dogs

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

My dog Smoochie


This is Smoochie lying in a basket after I was gone for a week, he was so happy to see me but also very tired from stressing about where I had been for so long. He fell asleep so quickly after I got home. He looked to peaceful I just had to snap this photo.


This is Smoochie getting a kiss from my other very special dog Shinji, I was so lucky to catch this moment.

I am working on a series of photos of my dog Shinji, he has a very special story which I am looking forward to sharing with you. He can be quite camera shy but I think he's come around to the idea of having his picture taken.

This is just a little post. I want to share a little bit about my life. I hope my pictures made you smile.
Love each other and peace out

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