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Mirrorless CameraSony A6400
LensSony 16-55mm F2.8 G
SoftwareLightroom & Photoshop
LocationArad, Romania
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Thanks :)

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Hi pixaroma,

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oh dear @pixaroma, your photos are absolutely magnificent !! they are perfect in the light, in the colors, in the composition ... it looks like a magical wood with fairies and goblins .-)) is it your job or is it your passion? keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

Thanks, i am a graphic designer and illustrator, just at the beginning of the year i got my diploma in photography :) for now i just experiment and do it as hobby

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oh nice! you can combine photography with graphics and let loose yoru creativity :-))

Hello Hello!

Incredible! The photos look like fantasy, totally extraordinary and epic to my eyes o.o'

Greetings from Venezuela!

Thank you :) Greetings from Romania

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I wish I was a whale to give you more with my vote. Your photographs are excellent and fabulous. I love your depth of field. A big hello @pixaroma

Thank you so much

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I love the way your photos gives different meaning. I mean each one of them conveys different message to everyone looking at it. That's so impressive.

Thank you

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Great pictures, flagged because I'm not seeing why this is so highly valued..

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Thanks, sorry didn't see your post until now. Peace :)

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Excellent closeup photography essay. Your composition and lighting make for arresting images.


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It is beautiful how you blended fantasy with the forest. It looks like an enchanted forest of mushrooms with its friends of insects and other mysterious looking plants. The cat is a nice addition to the collection and is that an animal skeleton in the 7th photo?

Thanks, yes that an animal skeleton :)

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Ah ok. What a discovery. Thanks @pixaroma. Wishing you a great coming weekend and more amazing photos :)

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Ivan (@curie curator)

Thank you

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Excellent photography!!! 💕💕 I love every composition you did! I cannot believe mushrooms are very great subject for photography. Beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us @pixaroma! 😍

Thank you for kind words :)

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