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1 DSC_0297-HDR.jpg

2 DSC_0366.jpg

3 DSC_0373-HDR.jpg

4 p2 DSC_0298-Pano.jpg

5 p1 DSC_0357-Pano.jpg






DSLR CameraNikon D3300
LensNikkor 35mm f/1.8g
SoftwareLightroom & Photoshop
LocationMasca Maderat, Arad County, Romania
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these are great!

thanks :)

The first photo is the best, of course, but the others are also very beautiful photos of sunrises (or sunsets?).
I like the panoramic photos and the number 9 with the meadow and the wildflowers in the foreground :)
Edit: I forgot to serve you a !BEER for sharing these photos 😊

Thanks, they are taken at sunset :)

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Sometimes you just cannot tell, if it was in the morning or in the evening ;)
Thank you for telling me, @pixaroma :)