Picture of the Day: Mountain Road

in photography •  2 years ago

Mountain Road

This picture was an experiment: I took 5 photos with different exposures, 2 underexposed, 2 over in + .1/3 increments and then used HDRI tone mapping to get the results below. 

by using this technique photos with extreme bright sky and dark shadowed parts can be reserved.

gear used:

Pentax k20

kit lens

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Ich erinnere mich an dieses Foto , war ich da nicht mit dabei?


Ich glaube Du hattest im Auto gesessen :)

That's a hard shot to make look right with the lighting the way it is.

Have you tried using the Google Nik filters? They are free to use and give good results.


At the time when I took the photos Nik filters weren't free, the photo was taken before google bought Nik filters. It's a great filter collection though... :)


You should revisit the NIK filters. They are free now.