hot air balloon rides

in #photography6 years ago


my first time ever seeing real hot air balloons, now I want to go ride on one. very soon

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Where is this? I thought the idea of hot air balloons is a thing of the past. Never knew people still ride in them. I would really love to take a ride on one.

Aww i love the air balloons
Looks amazing in the sky

It was really a nice sight to ride when I tried it, I thought of the king of the world and what
Truly a wonderful and universal picture

Yeah, they have somewhat become more rare to see. The world's increasing technologization makes these more natural instruments dwindle. Surely an experience!

wow riding on these balloons will be so fun.

yeah man go for it, it's fun and full of adventure, go for it enjoy your life to the fullest...

I haven't seen it in my life, same as you, but the difference is you are gonna have a ride but I can't. BTW where were you, long time no see @pinacle?

I haven't seen or ridden in any of those either, but hopefully, I will someday

it is also my first time ever seeing hot air baloons
take me with yourself for a ride

Wow, You must had a lot of fun riding on those balloons.
I love those air balloons & wish that I could also be there :)

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