Garden with chairs

in #photography3 years ago

On a bicycle ride to the swimming pool I discovered a nice area to relax with chairs, tall trees, and flowers. A great place to sit and listen to birds.















Ohh that is some place.. Nice to chill at.. Great photos must be great the ride with the swim.. Nice exertion....

Beautiful place to spend some quality time. Your photography is great. Spring season not only add colors to the world but also create a good impact on men and birds. Nice place to listen songs of happy bird.

You are living in a place called little paradise where you take you bicycle and roam around to relax your inner soul .
You are a person that enjoys the life to the fullest .You dont care about anything ,you are made for enjoying the world around you and that is what you are doing
@pinacle is great .

beautiful place..thanks for sharing
@upvote & @resteem done

your photography really very best dear. beautiful landscape, and magnificent photographs. They really transmit tranquility.its possible only for your good photography.. the pool looks amazing .. Great pictures.. i apporociate of your photography..very well done dear..@pinacle

A very beautiful place, would be very nice to be there ..

That seat looks like for dwarf people 😅😅

What a beautiful landscape, and magnificent photographs. They really transmit tranquility. And the sun gave you all its splendor, you are really blessed.

Beautiful comment

Impressive photographs, the place looks very pleasant to enjoy a day of relaxation. Your photographs very nitty. Thanks for sharing.

What a nice atmosphere, I really liked the photo of the pool, really spectacular.

awesome capture.👌👌👌just awesome.

great photography.impressed.

@upvote @rstm

The swimming pool looks awesome..
Why aren't there more people

Garden with chairs are very nice, very nice to see, there are pools on the front of the cutting, very nice,

The green shade is very beautiful, it looks very good to see, the trees below the blue sky are in the bearded, look very beautiful,

hello a greeting @pinacle, take a look at your blog and note that you are a lover of photographs and publish very beautiful photos. Personally I like the photographs and more if you look at landscapes as beautiful as these. These photos in specific I am very fantastic and very beautiful, without any doubt it was an excellent day in that majestic pool, the clear sky and very blue, but the sun radiating and beautiful. I like how the pool looks, it has a very crystalline and clean water, it is perfect to spend and enjoy a pleasant day with family and loved ones. I will follow you to continue enjoying your photos, thanks for publishing these so unique.

Great pictures.I apporociate of your photography..very well done dear sir @pinacle

your photography is the best. thanks for sharing

@upvt @resteem

i know this is called

implication of head in ass syndrome

butstill i need to Relax !!!!!! lol


Your pictures are always lively. Sitting on the chair alone is not a good idea for me. I prefer having company.
Anyways I love the swimming pool, it's spring already

he is nota gay... U asso :/

Indeed a great place to sit and relax and listen chirping of birds. Fresh and cool pictures. Look at the sky shining at its best. Sunny day indeed. Keep swimming dont get drowned😂

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Me gusta tu post, las fotos estan hermosas

Awesome photography dear friend .

Nature full. The greenery the atmosphere the sky the pool.... Everything looks fab for a time spending moment.

wow Awesome♡♡

Beautiful place ... enjoy it!

Great photo's, looks like a good day to jump in the hot tub! Looks like Mar A Lago , was that Trump in the Golf cart?

Friend you are full of blessings, to enjoy !!

Wow wonderful place, the pool looks amazing .. Great pictures !!

"to listen to birds" ... it sounds like everything but birds, one of those places where you can go and reflex about all the things went wrong about your life, but its ok, you still there :) A nice place where you can ear your own thoughts .

Posts like this getting heavily rewarded show me that Steem hasn't changed and remains a scam by the few at the top.

If you are not happy by yourself, then nobody can make you happy. First of all love yourself, you can understand how many people can be happy about them. The key to having your good keys in your hands, almost people can help them to consider before you spend your time, energy, and expression for lovers what you want! Only your love will be happy if you love the mind

wow it's amazing ... How lucky you are!

What a gorgeous layout and well greened landscape area with 100% serenity.
Indeed a "wait and feel" discovery.. (smiles)

Well, it looks good, I hope you find it a pleasant time, the place is great

This place is awesome, who will deny relaxing here, listening to birds and having fresh oxygen for healthy living.

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nice clean and classsy it is

Beautiful, where’s that?