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What I know about my experience of now, is it's always true, and being true is always right, while being wrong is forever in the past.















I don't quite follow. If your experience of now is "true" and "true" is "right," then your experience of now is always right.

Does that mean that what you are experiencing now is always right? If someone crashes into your car, is that still true?

Or does that mean that your interpretation of now is always right? When it's past, it could be wrong, but for now it's always right? Because it's right (or true) for you, does that mean it's a universal truth? And if it's true for you, but wrong from a universal perspective, does that mean it's actually true?

As I like to ask when I'm trying to understand something more, "Can you give me an example?" :)

At least you got me thinking. :D

No that means experiences are the real true knowledge. When you see something, you perceive it in reality, you do not see it. That is why we all have a different version of the same story.

Knowledge of experience and asking question to yourself is what will make you great. Being sure of thing means you are an ignorant. That's why the actor wanted to say. I mean this my perception is this sentence.

More than IQ, more than emotional intelligence, your capacity to asking yourself if you are wrong and your capacity to focus will what will make you great. If you get there. I'll tell you if I do myself X) But the only way to get their is to be ignorant mate. Socrate said it, not me !

you might be right in some ways but there is no need to look at what he is trying to talk about from that direction.

These pictures remind me a beautiful quote " Life is a one way road where you go back but can't see back so enjoy every second of your life."

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With it unusual view. But maintains its charm
Well done .. great pictures..

Beautiful photography

Dropping in to say hi and check out some posts @pinacle . Keep up the good work my friend.

I think that is the main problem of our societies today. We all think we are 90% right whereas the neighbour is 10% right in the best case. Whereas the perfect country would be a mix of what works, what worked and what doesn't, adapting that to the situation as well obs.

In our societies, to have an opinion is to have a character and if you don't have any, you are nobody. And this is especially true in my country, France.
When you found your opinion on only one criteria/point of view.

Tout ce que je sais c'est que je ne sais rien. All I know is that I know nothing ''Socrate''


Source ;

That's what we call the real beauty of nature😇😇

Man, literally spent several minutes trying to figure it out :) Thanks for making me think at least some moments of my day! :D

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The truth is right all the time. Your philosophy skills are best. I appreciate your philosophy skills.
Wonderful House. .

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